Light connection!

  |   breath, healing, self love

female dancing in sunset
Light connection.
Summer has arrived and most of us are feeling ready for a blissful time of sunshine, ocean, outdoor life and buoyant views in the precious weeks ahead.
This is a wonderful time to expand and open your mind, with the intention of merging with Mother Earth.  The purity of energy connection you receive from nature is the closest you can come to source energy, other than connecting directly with source/ God/light consciousness.  Not only do you have the opportunity to connect with flawless light, you also get to open and cleanse your mind!!!  Ahhhh… J
Imagine yourself walking along a beach.  Notice the ground you are stepping on; perhaps it is rock, shell or fine ground sand. Or, perhaps you are walking through a forest.  Look around and feel the life in the trees around you. Notice the vibrancy of all the colors!  The rich and luscious greens, the yellows, purple and red shades.
When you connect with Mother Earth, you let go of your thoughts and relax into the grid. As you are breathing and soaking up the peace, every single cell of your body begins to take in this awareness of light connection.
If you squint your eyes and relax, you can see the grid…a field of interconnected and brilliant lights. In this moment you salute to your essence, your source self, your light and infinite expansive self.  Free to expand through the connection of Oneness into infinite expansion!
Of course, all of this can only happen through a clear and open mind.  Logic, information, rational thought and understanding are good and important, but cannot “intellectualize” the experience for you. It is an experience and must be felt!
There has to be a balance between all the thinking you do, and the space you consciously create to open and expand your mind. Remember, you aren’t your thoughts, and thoughts are simply old programming.  There is so much more to you than your mind and connecting with nature will assist you in opening, clearing and aligning with refreshed inspiration.
I invite you to play with your clear-minded expansion, in the magnificent presence of nature’s bounty! Become one again, and soak up the healing light vibrations you loved so much and connected with when you were a little kid!
Enjoy this magical time of year of outside frolicking with a more conscious curiosity.
Blessings, love and light,