Living is Giving

  |   healing, transformation

Happy summer everybody!!!
Albert Einstein said: “Only a life lived for others is a life worth living.
Who is giving what and how much are we really giving?
How much do we love and can we love a little more?
How much do we forgive and could we possibly forgive more?
Fact is, if we choose to believe modern science, its not really possible to live without affecting others; we are all energy and are literally one as a state or matter and entirely interconnected.  Apart from the energetic Oneness perspective, we are also all a part of a functioning machine on the Human level.  Take a moment to briefly considering your actions in the past 24 hours — try to go beyond your immediate connections of co-workers, family members and friends to consider who did you help, who did you affect, what exactly were you living for?
This is not meant to put a guilt trip upon you, this is simply food for thought : ) Not everybody is able to be a “Mother Theresa” nor is everybody meant to be. But of course we all could do more!  Couldn’t we? So do we need to devote ourselves and our time at least to some degree to a greater cause in order to feel fulfilled?
I believe this to be a very personal process of self evolution and choice.  Everybody’s life is different and at different times the individual is going through separate chapters of living. For example my friend Sue traveled to Africa where she is involved in different Humanitarian efforts and this time around she bought 50 rolling water barrels so the women of this village wouldn’t have to travel 4km (one way) for water and carry it back on their heads. Of course not everybody is able to travel long distance to offer support in this way.  But we are all able to help somewhere, somehow.
Ultimately we are not giving enough and we are not living our lives for others enough if there are still Beings on this planet that are dying of starvation, that are fighting for freedom and that are suffering abuse.
From a spiritual perspective, Earth is the place for us to come to and evolve and grow.  And everybody knows that giving to the self as well as giving to others must be within a balance so that we fancy ourselves neither as martyrs nor as nihilists. So as long as we keep stretching ourselves and inspiring each other toward a happy, healthy, safe, prosperous and inspirational life experience for all, our role in manifesting equality for all is possible and happening right now.
Thank you to all whom are giving within their means to others and thank you to all whom are focusing on their own growth and consciousness which is giving to the self and thereby absolutely affects the energy of the whole.
Love and Light to all,