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IMG_1746February 2014 Blog
Hello my Love Muffin.  Happy Valentine’s day!!!  If you do not have a Valentine this year, guess what – neither do I! Should that stop us from celebrating love? NO.  Love is who I am and love is who you are.
The Human experience can be challenging, because we become trapped in an illusion that can easily be perceived as a painful reality.  I have been asked lately “Why is it so hard to choose the love perspective and so easy to choose the negative perspective of victim, disempowerment and hopelessness?”  My answer is that it is not difficult to choose the love perspective, but most people aren’t used to it.  It requires learning, understanding and practice.  Our thoughts are “programmed,” and the negative perspective is often the most active programming.  One choice disconnects, separates and isolates us more from feeling love and happiness, and the other choice unites, supports and strengthens us in connecting and feeling our true self- LOVE.  It’s not that one choice is easier or harder, they are both just choices. It is a matter of what we are used to, our comfort zone and norm.
As an example, I could choose to think and say to myself:  “Oh no!  Another year without a Valentine, without having a partner to share it with.  Poor me, I am all-alone, the only human on earth, alone.  Boooo Hooooo!!!
But instead, you can choose to affirm:  “I am great!  Some years I have a Valentine, other years I don’t.  This doesn’t define me.  I choose to celebrate the true meaning of love, and I have an abundance of of love in my life.  Love for my children, for family and friends, for my purpose, love for Humanity and love for Mother Earth.  Most important, “I Love myself”.
Try it!  Recognize and acknowledge that the moment you choose to see gratefully and honor the true abundance of love in your life, the way you feel immediately changes!Of course, this technique can be used for other experiences in life. How you think directly affects the way you feel.  The moment you seek the silver lining, you open up to learning from every experience, take charge, and feel stronger, empowered and capable.
For the critical thinkers among us, this doesn’t mean we are put on rose-colored glasses and appear to be “in denial”  about reality.  I am not in denial about the fact that I have no date for Valentines day.  I however have total control over how I choose to view it.   It does mean that the ultimate goal and purpose of the Human experience is to see through the illusion of negativity and suffering.  Not only is it unsupportive, it disconnects us from our essence, which is love, possibility and brilliance.
Once we have identified our “unsupportive” programming, we may seek a new, supportive, compassionate, accepting, self-loving and self empowering perspective.  This perspective frees us from taking things personally, from holding on to the past and from holding on to attachments to expectations. It lets us see from an observer point of view Once we become an observer, we reunite with the infinite space of love and wellness we already are. To see life through the eyes and perspective of our loving and infinite selves is the life experience we all yearn for deep down.
So this Valentines Day, lets celebrate Love in whatever shape or form it may come, and be present in your life.  Wherever you are and with whoever you may be, Love the one you’re with!  See every Human Being you may come across as their essence-Love!  Give gratitude for everything you do have in your life and smile.Celebrate life, celebrate YOU!
Happy Valentines Day my friend.
Blessings, Love and Light,
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