Love vs. Fear

  |   healing, transformation

Love may be light, breezy and a “feel good” experience and this is how it does get perceived most of the time. Most of us love Love! I do ;0) However, very often love gets a negative stigma attached to it like “love is weak” or “unattainable” because it is challenging to maintain. Love very often gets the label of it being “a girl thing” or “unsafe” — this is when it is associated with emotions that may be “volatile”, “don’t make sense” or are “ungrounded” in the name of love. It is all, however about the perspective.
Everything is a perspective. From where does this perspective arise? Perspective is apart of the individual’s experiences and beliefs in and around the subject.
In the end it is always fear of something that stresses us out. It is always fear that creates anxiety-based thoughts, words and actions for example. Fear of abandonment, fear of losing something we do not want to lose, fear of challenges, betrayal, hurt, pain, etc.
Ultimately however, doesn’t everything always work out the way it is meant to work out? And it is always ok in the end? Isn’t it?!?
So why waste our precious time stressing out? Why, when we could take time to stop the stressful thoughts and take ourselves into a relaxing, breathing and going with it knowing: “it’ll all be alright” kind of flow. Taking it down a few notches and disarming the fear, reminding the self, “All is well. Everything will work out just the way it is supposed to.”
Simply put, coming back into the “love” experience which is patient, peaceful, strong and clear, unconditional and authentically empowered. Easier said than done, isn’t it?!?
How then do we translate this knowledge into usable information so that it may be used by you and me and by anybody else who cares? The only truth is in knowing. Thinking, analyzing, believing, etc. is all just old story and perception. Projecting into the future and analyzing the past is all fear based: an old and unsupportive perspective.
Everything is new and fresh in every moment if we only choose to look at it with this innocent yet courageous curiosity: childlike, safe, innocent yet wise, clear and aware. In this state, we see everything — illusion, patterns, love, fear, perspective, etc. and here we are free to make conscious choices.
Love is when we are able to catch ourselves in the midst of old limiting perspective and without judgment but with clear observation find ways to stop and remove ourselves from limitation thinking. One of my favorites, as you know is focusing on the breath. For some of us this may not be enough. Some of us may need to do jumping jacks or run in place in order to stop and step out of the sometimes so powerful old patterns of perspective.
Whatever it takes to stop the limiting thoughts, words, actions and perceptions; once you start doing it you will recognize your rewards. You will begin to allow yourself to stay the conscious observer of the new situation in a childlike, fresh manner that is far from naive or oblivious. You will be giving love to yourself. From this place you are open to it all being a new perspective and experience as well as you being in charge to take the necessary steps forward. No fear but conscious and clear seeing of everything, unattached but flowing with the knowing that everything always happens to your highest and greatest good.
You may have your preferences for the outcome, but don’t push to hard towards it, that would be attachment and fear based in itself.
Fear is limitation and love is limitless. Love is the essence of everything in existence. Love vibrates rapidly and so it nullifies denser vibration (fear). It is the end and it is the beginning.
You are love. You are limitless. You are infinite possibilities.
Love and Light, Britta