Nothing Changes

  |   healing, transformation

Nothing changes if nothing changes
Let’s face it, we want change to happen but we don’t want it to happen to us. What’s up with that?
Is it because change is uncomfortable to most of us? Is change a source of anxiety and stress? Are we too lazy? This is a dilemma, is it not?
There seems to be a whole host of reasons for different people as to why they avoid change, for example:

  • Being too comfortable in their “old ways” or “comfort zones”
  • Having their intellectual minds give 1000 reasons or excuses as to why the change is not possible at this time — but maybe tomorrow…
  • There is definitely the fear of the unknown
  • Struggle with low self esteem and low confidence
  • Fear of success

Sometimes life will just create the change for you but not always. Sometimes one could continue on forever with the deep knowledge that they are not living and being their truths, avoiding change and compromising themselves. Some may try change but deem it impossible and surrender.
Newsflash: “Change will find us all, whether we like it or not!” “Nothing is as certain as change.”
Why not get into the driver seat yourself and steer your own ship?
Here are some tips toward lasting change:

  • Change brings on change, so start small, one step at a time, one change at a time. Rome was not build in a day!
  • Breathe deep
  • Anticipate resistance in form of fear and doubt. Fear and doubt are built in and will always accompany change. Do not feed the negativity of resistance but take it as a sign that change is happening. Just keep on going.
  • Breathe and feel the fear-based emotions that change will create. But do not think, just feel it. Do not let your mind put reason on it!!!
  • Practice patience
  • Enjoy the process and remind yourself to stay in the driver seat of your consciously chosen change.
  • If life brought the change upon you, breathe and surrender. To resist change is far more painful than to go with it and trust.
  • Acknowledge to yourself the little successes along the way.

They will add up to big change. It takes time…. .
Try to create change, keeping the bigger goal in mind while you are shifting step by step. Try it.
Change can certainly be a source of contentment and empowerment but you have to make it so! You have to choose it! Because you can… smiles.
With Love and Light, Britta