Nurturing our Differences

  |   healing, transformation

Happy summer everybody!
Did you know that no two snowflakes (seen under a microscope of course) ever look the same?
Each time it snows, every one of the millions or billions of snowflakes is different! They are individual. All these individuals come together to make snow.  : )   I have always liked this concept and I thought I’d share it with you.
We Humans are like snowflakes.  We are all so different but yet in many ways the same.  We are unique individuals, here together, collaboratively a Human race.
So why is it so difficult to live as these individuals in peace?  Why can we not coexist within our differences?  Our differences exist, so they must be there for a reason.  So should it ever be a matter that we all look different, speak different languages, pray to different Gods, eat different foods, wear different clothing, have different traditions, etc?
The fact of we all being different is never going to change; what needs to change is our ability to accept these differences as they are. To coexist in peace, as one Human race within the differences.  There is no “one way” and there surely is no “the right way” — think about it.  Yes, there is only ONE LOVE but there are many ways to get there!  All paths lead to Rome.  : )
How much easier would life be if we would respect and honor differences rather than trying to reform others to become the “same”. How much happier could we be if differences wouldn’t make us feel threatened and inadequate but at ease and inspired instead. 
As our world become increasingly complex, diversification and coexistence seems to be the path of our future; it may be the only future we have as a Human race.  Let’s be proud of and even nurture our differences!  Let’s unite the way nature intended, individuals coming together as a collaborative race, fitting together all the better because of our differences.
Let’s make snow people, let’s make snow.  : )