Open to abundance.

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Pura Vida Retreat and Spa Costa Rica
Open up to abundance.
The human race has turned away from their soul connections and essence as “plenty” and has accepted the ego as their boss and slave driver. The insatiable ego will never have enough and if need be – destroy it’s own young driven by the need to be the most powerful.
On our quest for more we have begun to destroy the very instrument that was created to supply us with all we could ever need – Earth. 
It is through our connection to Mother Earth that we receive an abundance of material prosperity, energy, strength and support. It is the Earth’s elemental force through which all of our own manifestations are born. It is her frequencies and influence that transform energy into matter and lend form to all ideas and endeavors we choose to focus on. 
Anybody who has given attention to the concept of “manifestation” generally perceives it as a co-creation with source, light, god and the field of infinite possibilities. The spiritually conscious teachers seem to have forgotten about the fact that our incarnations into human bodies must work with the earth frequencies, it’s energy and grounding in order to manifest consciously; and recognize ego, when it’s at work!
When we are not resonating with the Earth and it’s grounding energies we can feel spacey, confused, light headed, impotent, and unable to function properly in our lives. 
 If you are feeling overly fearful of lack or loss, or are scarcity minded, chances are you are not resonating with our Earth’s energy support. 
We have come here into our human bodies so we may experience the Earthly realm and the fullness of a human existence. This Earth plane is supposed to fulfill and supply our every need. But we have turned away from having plenty and are focused on not having enough instead.
It is time to shift back into an honoring and belonging connection with our Earth, so that plenty will be the experience for all it’s children again; plant, animal and human.
In opening to the bounty of Earth’s energy, you are opening to the energy of abundance and prosperity.
It is through the Earth that we eliminate excess or unwanted energies. The unwanted energies often block us from receiving and feeling peaceful.
No incarnation is a mistake or happened by accident. Every single one of us is here with great intention and purpose. No matter your story or your life’s circumstances; you must claim and accept all that is present in your life right now first, as a communication, so that you may heal, grow, evolve and strengthen from it. I invite you to use the Earth’s grounding and strengthening energies to do so and to assist you in manifesting the shifts and changes you desire. 
And since it is summer time, the perfect time to be out in nature, here are a few ideas on how to reconnect deeper.
–  Walk barefoot on grass or on the beach in the sand. Breathe deeply and slowly as you focus on your energetic connection with Mother Earth. Visualize, imagine or make belief that you are growing roots into the Earth. Feel your roots, grow them deeply and breathe into your feet. Give permission to release any unwanted or unsupportive energies and let them flow through your roots down into Mother Earth, as if your roots are your personal drain. Mother Earth is on board. She is here to support you and will recycle all the energy back around into the universe, where it will be turned back into it’s essence love and light.
–  As you are cleansed and grounded ask yourself:
“What am I looking to manifest?”
“Is what I am aiming for an ego desire or my hearts desire?”
The Earth’s grounding will assist you in recognizing which part of you is inspiring the desire!
– Simultaneously receive inward through your roots Mother Earth’s support and strength so that you may have all that you need to manifest and create from an empowered place within.
Now, while you are connecting with Mother Earth breathe and become strong in your energy. You are extension of creator, deeply rooted in Mother Earth, here to manifest consciously and freely.
– Another wonderful way to work with Mother Earth is through swimming in the ocean. Dip under water completely from head to toe, 
7 times. This will clear your chakras and energy bodies.
May your relationship and connection with Mother Earth be strong. May you receive all the support you need and may your manifestations be conscious and heart driven.
With much love and blessings of light to you and yours.