Our Religion

  |   healing, transformation

Happy Holidays!!!
How this time of year comes around so quickly again and again amazes me.
I would like to dedicate this month’s blog to hopefully inspire a higher level of thought or bigger picture perspective on a very touchy subject: “Religion”.
I went to a Christian Church last Sunday. As I was raised Christian by my family in the north of Germany; we weren’t particularly “religious” but we were certainly “God fearing”.
Since this last Sunday I hadn’t been to a church in decades.  I hadn’t been to a church in all this time mostly because I had found my own “Church” inside of me and have developed wonderful communication and connection with Source without having to attend a designated building.  Also, I have chosen not to be affiliated with any belief group but instead to honor them all.  In this way I feel in closer alignment to my original truth-source.
As I was sitting there in church, in the midst of many people, I could feel their despair, their struggle and pain as well as their hope and longing to belong.  Next I could see the different religions of our planet flash in front of me (my mind’s eye) with all their different traditions. This is when I remembered, that no matter the religion, tradition or heritage, we all have similar pain and struggle. No matter what part of the planet we are from, no matter which religion, belief or tradition, we all suffer the same!  We all feel!
Therefore none of us are better or worse than the next.  None of us are more or less chosen.  We are equal; we are all extensions of source equally.  Yes, we are born into different religions, traditions and cultures but neither is better or worse, more right or wrong; There is no “right way” or “the only way”.  We may have different karma, purposes and intentions for our lifetimes but our essence is the SAME!
We need to unite as people belonging to the same race, not separate from each other because of the details (religion, cultures, traditions…etc.) of how we experience this life. These “details” are simply human illusion, ego-based limiting perceptions which will keep us separate for as long as we allow ourselves to remain blinded.  We are all special in our own right, every single one of us.
Yes, there are fanatics in all walks of this life and those radical extremists could easily be judged as dark or unconscious.  Who are we to judge?
Is it our job to judge?  How about we simply observe and bring the focus back to our own selves and ask for blessings straight from Source to penetrate these Beings. “May their hearts open and may their wounds heal”.
We are all the same, we are all one and we are all here together. 
It is time to focus on acceptance, unconditional co-existence and “equality”.  And the ones of us who consider themselves “special”, “chosen” or “right” ought to take more responsibility in finding ways in which to unify rather than separate any further. 
The more conscious you are the more responsibility you hold in choosing Love and “Oneness” consciousness.
For as long as there is still “separation consciousness” present on this planet we have not completed our purpose-individually as well as globally.
To all of you conscious beings regardless of religious belief orientations: “Be the leaders in this love-choice”.