Patience & Virtue

  |   healing, transformation

Greetings to you all my friends.
My blog this month is inspired by, “Patience is indeed a virtue”
For most of us patience is a “tuff” one to Master. It is apparent to me that many people, however, don’t consider it important enough to begin to try. How many times have you heard people say, “I don’t have any patience?” My question is, “Why have so many people resigned themselves in this way?” Patience is important.
When one masters patience, one surrenders to the flow of life. When one practices patience, one shows respect to the self and others.
Imagine yourself being patient with your children, your lover or partner, with your friends, family, business partners, business ventures, co-workers, sales people in the store or waiting in traffic. What would that look like? What would that feel like?
I see patience as a rather powerfully peaceful and calming image. And this is what is important — practicing patience can make you feel different. Because that is what it is really all about, what really matters! It is about you!!! When you feel patient, are you a better person? Are you a stronger person? It is very noticeable when someone is able to keep his or her cool. Not only is it evident, but also is it really attractive. It oozes authentic empowerment. It shows you being comfortable and grounded in your strength. What’s hotter than that?
After all, isn’t loosing one’s patience and therefore one’s cool a sign of weakness? Isn’t it a sign of attachment, a sense of powerlessness?
When you stay cool, calm and collected, you stay in charge. What do you stay in charge of? Everything! You most importantly stay in charge of yourself. As we all know by now, your attitude is your altitude. Stress ages the cells; it is proven by modern science. Our cells are not designed inherently to age. Did you know this? It is the stress that ages us. Loosing your patience has you produce stress chemicals that will feed your cells with stress and negativity, the exact opposite of what you want!!! If you wish to age quickly and get sick, go ahead stress out, loose your cool. Is there really anything more important to you than your health?!?
And “YES” sometimes you may have to dig deep not to react. But you can do it! Deeply breathe! Remember? Breathe into the bottom of your belly, take a little time out and just breathe, feel the impatience but don’t think…. Just breathe and feel. And then breathe some more deep and slow breaths. Surrender and realize that the only smart choice you have in this moment is to stay in charge of yourself. If you cannot stay in charge of yourself, how could you expect to stay in charge of anything else?
Please do not misunderstand. You must feel — but you do not have to react. You don’t even have to think until you have re-centered yourself into being in charge. Remind yourself that you intend to practice patience so that, even when you do slip, you keep coming back again and again. Now you are in the position to respond. Do what you must do but do it gracefully! Everything can be communicated; all decisions can be made and even “tuff” love and its consequences can be chosen by you once back in your center.
Staying patient or breathing your way back into patience will always affect any outcome in a much more positive way! When you stay calm, you energetically remain open to solution and possibility. All gets solved easier and much smoother when you keep that cool head of yours. Smiles.