|   being present, breath

Bora Bora and Miami 309
Patience has always been a tuff one for me.  I really had to learn the practice of patience.  I have learned that I cannot push the metaphorical river.
The practice of patience also infers that you have trust in the creation process of the divine, of source, God, Love, Light or whatever you feel comfortable naming this greater consciousness. It always co creates with you and it is always concerned for your highest and greatest good.
Science is confirming that you are here to create your own reality.  It is however essential that in the face of challenge you maintain a positive expectation despite what your ego thoughts will tell you. It is your job and your responsibility to hold the positive vibrational space for the creation of your desire to fit into.
Remember to breathe deeply and slowly, it will help you to let those negative ego thoughts float by.
Good things do come to those who wait and patience does pay in the end. It is a universal law.
Thank you for joining me today.
Blessings, Love and Light,