Put a smile on your face ;)

  |   being present

Are you smiling enough?
Children smile about 400 times a day; the average adult only 15 times a day.  Is that enough?  I do not think so! ;0))))
A smile goes a long way!
Research is showing that your body does not know the difference between a real smile and you faking a smile.  Any smile affects the body in the same positive ways, so fake it till you make it!
The positive effects a smile or laughter has on your biology are abundant.  Not only does laughter reduce the level of stress hormones, it also increases your antibody production and helps strengthen your immune system.
Habitual smiling provides a fabulous mechanism for release of emotions you’ve been keeping in storage.  A smile on your face will also help you shift your perspective on your life or a personal challenge.  Cracking a smile when your mind is telling you “Life sucks” will communicate into your biology “all is well”; it will also help shift your mental perspective into a more positive outlook such as “solution thinking” or positive self talk and support.  By you producing a smile and holding it for just a few minutes will redirect your focus from negative to positive!!!!
From a social perspective a smile is way more inviting to an outsider than a frown or unhappy face.   The positive benefits of a smile and laughter have been successfully used through laughter therapy, laughing yoga and even in anger management and stress management groups.   It is not a well kept secret.
Do yourself the favor and smile the next time you are upset, angry or stressed for example.  Try it out and see for yourself how it will help you shift into a more positive attitude about everything!  Allow yourself to take everything with a grain of salt, life is too short not to smile and life is too short not to take it with some humor!
It may seem strange to you to smile even though you naturally feel like crying or screaming in the moment but remember that your body does not know the difference.   A smile will activate a lighter and more positive energy within you.   A smile will open up your heart and make you feel more love, compassion and hope.
So make your life a smiling event!  Watch funny movies, meet happy friends and see the humor in the drama.  Put a smile on your face…
Do it now ;0))))))  Laughing…. After all, it is the best medicine!!!!
Have a laughing, smiling day!
With Love and Light,