Quality of Life

  |   healing, transformation

Greetings everybody.
I would like to discuss the subject of “quality of life” this month.
In a world where immediate gratification has become the focus of our existence, where young children are given medication to calm and quiet there excitement, and adults are racing through their days to meet all schedules and agendas … I am left with the question: ”Where has all quality of life gone?”
Being from Europe, Germany specifically, I can remember the importance while growing up of making time to enjoy life.  My family used to take of from work, for at least three weeks every summer, to take a family vacation.  We gave respect to the body by taking the time to cook healthy, fresh meals and having a “siesta” afterwards so the food would be digested properly.  We took plenty of recovery time after surgery or other health-related incidents because we emphasized the importance of a full recovery and understood its effects on the family unit, the work environment and on society in general.
Having lived in the U.S.A. for more than half of my life now, and absolutely loving it, I do occasionally fine myself veering towards the mad road of production, production, production … So allow me to remind myself as I am reminding you to come back into a conscious balance of being productive while creating the time for the simple things in life that make it the veritable blessing that it is.  If it means leaving the phone at home so you can enjoy time with your loved ones without distraction, do it.  If it means taking time away from work to come home and play or read with your child, do it.  Perhaps you are single and overworked and for you quality time means doing nothing: so do it.
Life is too short to miss it.  Life is meant to be enjoyed at all times.  We can not wait until retirement to do the things we’ve always wanted to do.  No money in the world is worth missing out on heartfelt quality time with oneself, friends and family.  We do not want to be lying on our death beds, regretting wasting life in the pursuit for external “happiness.”
I do find that after giving myself space and time to be with myself, my child and my friends, I am renewed and filled with fresh excitement to revisit my work and my goals with clarity and new ideas.
Please, honor life, honor yourselves, honor the beauty of nature and rethink what really is of importance to you.  Perhaps creating a list of priorities for yourself might set you back on the right path; or just putting down the pen and stepping outside may do the same.
With Love and Light,