R – E – S – P – E- C – T!

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…. find out what it means to me… .”
As all choices and actions affect our energy and light frequency, self-respect is one of those “pointers to self”, as to continually illuminate the areas (programming) where deeper consideration is necessary.
If you imagine your conditioning as an onion, self- respect will want you to peel back the layers within every single area of your life and reclaim your authentic empowerment.
However disrespect gets recognized within your body, it is a call for action. It is time to speak up, express your boundaries, make a move, look at your options and consider possible choices/changes.
Every time you allow disrespect, it chips away at your light frequency and makes your energy bodies a little denser. The action of disrespect from another person cannot harm you, unless you allow it. Allowing means, you do nothing about it. I don’t mean immediate action is necessary; sometimes it takes time to figure out what is to the highest and greatest good. As you can see, it isn’t about the other person, it is all up to you. It is your job not to allow dis-respect as it will dis-empower you!
First, lets focus on recognizing disrespect. As we all have our patterns, some of us have known and even grown up with disrespect as “the norm”. You may have lived with your dad disrespecting your mom or your dad feeling disrespected at work, for example. Depending, if they did something to change their experience, it might have taught you to either assert yourself or to take it all laying down.
One thing is for certain, most of us have layers of disempowering conditioning.
So what does it look like, what does it feel like to you, when you experience disrespect? Do you get angry or sad, do you want to get back at the person and get even? Does it make you feel hopeless or insignificant? Do you let it identify you and allow it to be personal… as to confirm your “victim” identity? 
Before any action, I do encourage you to “check in” with yourself first. Be sure that you are not operating out of a “victim” or needy energy. In your calm and centered core you know the truth, if what you experienced truly was disrespect or if you are creating drama.
Never take disrespect “personal”, it never is. It may feel personal, if so, it means you must look within and find your triggers/wounding to heal and clear first. Breathe through the emotion until it has dissipated.
Whenever another operates in disrespectful ways, it shows where they are and out of which place of consciousness they are living. Unconsciousness doesn’t recognize unconsciousness, so try to remember this the next time you want to make it personal!
It is about you taking the necessary steps however. It is up to you to take action that clarifies “I will not allow or accept disrespect”. 
Another important point is that what may appear disrespectful to you may not necessarily appear disrespectful to the other person. We are all different in our perspectives and conditioning. In this case you need to get clear and super honest with yourself, ask yourself “can I live with this”, “is this acceptable to me or will I continue to compromise my truth and betray myself?” Take your time and wait for a repetitive calm answer to appear from within. 
Every step you take toward claiming your self- respect, you will nurture and grow your self-esteem more and more.
This is very important for your sense of self and how you operate in the world. Remember, people can read energy. Even generally unconscious people sense and feel good/bad energy! It’s not a mystery at all! So be very clear with yourself. When something keeps bothering you and in your truth is disrespectful, you must face it, for your own good! This will require courage for some of us as it may seem easier to stay in the “old comfort-zone” of what is – even if dis-respectful!
Here are your two choices of action:
*One – You express and communicate calmly and firmly your perspective in regard to the disrespect.
Now, again, check yourself first! You must have cleared through your emotional trigger before you can have any kind of self- respecting, calm, cool and collected conversation. If you still feel hurt, jealous, betrayed, angry…. wait; breathe, feel and don’t think. Unhook yourself and care for yourself first – always! Only when calm, cool and collected can you clearly state your point of view and bring your point home – the fact that disrespect is unacceptable to you and in case it continues, you will not allow yourself to stay in the current situation. 
You are showing boundaries, this is healthy and strengthening. 
*Two – You walk away!
If the warning conversation didn’t work, perhaps you are not being taken seriously. In this case you must follow through on the expressed consequence and take your word and your worth seriously.
However, let’s not forget about your open heart. Feel all emotions through your heart and try to keep your heart open. Even “walking away” is an open hearted action. It leaves an energy space of respect, which allows for growth.  Nothing is final – ever! 
So even taking a strong stance from a place of clarity and love shows the possibility of the person or situation shifting.
God’s speed my friend, God’s speed.  
The consequences of tolerating and allowing dis-respect for an extended period of time, are greater than any perceived “loss” you may encounter by speaking your truth or even walking away!
To not stand up and protect yourself from the dangerous energy of dis-respect will result in loss of energy, stored emotions and feeling overwhelmed and weak. It will trigger a gradual decline in confidence, ability to be an active player in life and most importantly – your heart chakra will slowly shut down! 
Why? Because you are not showing yourself the LOVE!
In the end the price you pay, when you fail to summon courage and strength, will cost your soul.
I want to encourage you to pay attention to your energy and feeling experience. It’s actually fun and interesting to play detective as you get to unravel patterns that only hinder you!
Pray for guidance and ask for answers, then get calm and wait to hear a response. Do not rush any action but at the same token, do not stall if you are clear.
Have fun owning yourself.
Until the next time.
With blessings of love and light,