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Relocation Therapy.
Change is always opportunity.
To reinvent oneself is a sign of intelligence. Studies show that Harvard graduates reinvent themselves an average of 3 times throughout their lifetime.
We don’t need to be Harvard graduates to know that life presents itself through cycles. As life changes so do we, and as we change so does life.
From a spiritual perspective nothing is as certain as change. In fact it is the only constant.
This is not a one size fits all universe. Thankfully. Homes and apartments are as vastly individual as we are as humans. Some even say that homes and apartments have their own characters, feelings, memories and energies.
As we change and as our lives change, our needs and requirements for living space changes. We find new matches to our changing energies.
The key to all of this changing is to go with it; to flow with it. This is when the experience of moving becomes positive and highly therapeutic. Science is confirming that we are energy and energy must be flowing and in motion. When energy becomes stagnant or stands still we turn unhappy and frustrated.
Therefore to flow with the changes of life and to move into a new environment is always opportunity for expansion, growth, healing and renewal. What can be better than accepting and embracing a new chapter of ones life and to express that newness by putting it into a new living space.
Life is what we make of it. How we perceive life situations and circumstances is what we will experience.
One clear trend I have been able to observe is the desire to live in nature. More and more city folks are seeking healthier lifestyles and connection with the peace and serenity nature gives us.
From a spiritual perspective nature living is much healthier. Living in a large city compresses the aura, which is the space surrounding the physical body. Everybody has an aura, which is filled with energy.
In the city this aura is subject to tons of unwanted and stressed energies. Close living quarters and the energy overload coming from riding on the crowded subway, walking down a busy and fast paced sidewalk or working in a large office with small personal space are examples on how the aura gets compressed and crowded with other people’s energy.
Being in the country and taking walks through nature clears and releases the aura from the density and stress accumulated. Mother nature assists in expanding the aura and energizing it. More and more people are beginning to feel this difference and are simply making to “feel good” a priority in their lives; hence moving outside of the city into suburbs or even deeper into the countryside.
Then again depending on where you are at in your life cycle, it may be time to pick it up a few notches and get back into the swing of things.
This is when relocation to a denser population situation is the right step for you. Perhaps your life has changed to where you want to have easier and faster access to friends, family, life, socialization and culture.
Maybe you are ready to get busy, be busy and enjoy a fast paced life again. This is when your aura will adjust to a more compressed state and will thrive within this denser but faster energy flow for as long as it makes you feel good and remains exciting to you.
It is always helpful to have a nature escape location when living in the city.
Your attitude is your altitude in all things of life. To pack up your belongings and to move into a new beginning may seem scary to many people. It is however the most potent and exciting time, filled with new possibilities. Embracing change is you saying “Yes” to uplifting yourself into a power position of trusting the flow of life and choosing your perspectives into higher grounds.
This Blog was inspired by Ken Torrino, for Douglas Elliman real estate,
Until next time and thank you for joining me again.
Blessings, Love and Light to you and yours,