Resist no more!

  |   healing, transformation

I am sure you have heard the saying “what resists persists”.
So whether it is an emotion, a circumstance or a personal entanglement; whether you like what is happening or you don’t, you want to accept what you are experiencing unconditionally.  The more you try to ignore, pretend it isn’t happening, try to stop it, make it go away or live in denial, the more energy you are losing completely without effect.  YES, resisting what is, persists in keeping you from where you want to be!!
Why fight “what is”?  Don’t you trust in God, the universe, your higher self or greater consciousness?  Why should everything be easy?
Life is not meant to be easy peasy!  Isn’t it your responsibility to learn and grow from certain experiences?
So then why is it that us Humans have such a hard time dealing with discomfort? Because that is what we are resisting, isn’t it?
Curmudgeons aside, we never really resist feeling good and happy!  But as soon as we feel a little bit of discomfort we want to run for the hills or take something to make it go away!  That’s resisting.  And it won’t make it all go away. You may ease the pain and even put discomfort into remission but at another time in your life, it will return, repeatedly, until you are ready to face the challenge and receive the lesson.  The circumstance may be slightly different next time, the person may look and seem different but the emotions that will get triggered will always be the same, until you do the work to get past it!
Life gets much easier when you begin to accept “what is”.  In other words, accepting your part in all creation, and choosing face its challenges, is what will make it go away for good.  Once you have learned your lesson and you’ve passed the tests, the emotion will heal and each particular point of discomfort will lose its power!
See, by resisting you give undo power to “what is.”  Resisting something will make it grow.  Judging “what is” as bad, or good takes us from our path of creation onto the raggedy road of reaction.
In the end everything just “is”.  There really is no good or bad.
Perhaps you are feeling happy about something, but why are you really feeling happy about it?  Have you ever asked yourself that question?
It is your perception of what makes you happy that is pleasing to you or your ego.
From the bigger picture perspective every experience wants to be pleasing to you.  Everything is a gift and an opportunity for you to heal, grow and evolve; for you to find the perspective of acceptance.  So, in this context, resistance is not your friend.
We are simply conditioned to resist discomfort.  That’s all.  In fact, there are many not-so-cottage industries developed around so assisting us in our resistance.  Pay attention to yourself when you are resisting.  Just notice your resistance, don’t just it.  Breathe and feel the emotions present.  It may take less courage that you imagine.  Do not think!
You will find that the less you resist the easier life becomes!!!!
You will find out how much easier it is to flow with life and to trust in what is being given to you.   All is as it should be, always.  Trust and feel your energy growing and enhancing as you embrace unconditionally your lessons for a better, stronger, smarter, happier and energetic YOU! 😉
Keep flowing.
Love and Light,