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Happy spring everybody!!!
How the time flies.
In this life, I have had the pleasure to meet lovely people that neither belong to any religion, spiritual belief group nor necessarily prescribe to any concept of “God” or “greater power.”  I have found so many of these people to be warm, helpful, honest, compassionate and living their lives with joy and purpose. At times I have wondered, “How can this be?” “How can people seem and act so very spiritual yet not live within or under some kind of “higher guidelines?”
It is because the people I am describing live within the “Universal Law of Reverence,” naturally.  They naturally revere life: all of life’s creations, humans, animals and the environment including our planet. 
Where is the reverence in religions that kill in the name of God? Where is the reverence in Spirituality when it judges as wrong those who are not on the same path?
Where is the reverence in the so called religious and spiritual people that lie, steal, betray and exploit in order to better their own lives at the expense of all other life forms?
How can we blame people for not wanting to belong to anything or to not want to label themselves when all or most of what we see is hypocritical?  It has become acceptable to hide behind the facade of religion and spirituality.  We have all seen religion and spirituality become an sanctified tool to wrong the others, to deflect questionable actions, to create separation from the others and to build an earthly center for power that is beyond reproach.
Isn’t it time to come back to the simplicity of reverence for everything? Reverence may just be the answer to many of the imbalances that we are seeing today.  How might our world be different if we injected reverence into every single action, thought and word and we relearned how to have reverence for even the most challenging occurrences within our lives.
When reverence is present within the heart of a Being, this Being simply isn’t able to take from someone or something else without consent or consideration; this includes the taking of life itself, the taking of love, the taking of food, of money, of freedom, of energy, of living space and freedom of speech.
When there is reverence for life, there is balance.
Namaste everybody.
I hope you are breathing …
Love and Light,