Self – Love.

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Self – Love!
There is no greater accomplishment here on earth than to learn to love yourself fully and completely.  Self – love is the remedy to all of your problems.
Imagine yourself walking down a street, through the forest or along a beach … feeling at peace with yourself, your choices, and your life.  You have a little smile on your face, a smile of contentment and positive expectation.  You are feeling this good about yourself because you are honoring your own needs, respecting your own space and speaking your truth clearly.  Your heart feels warm and filled to the brim with peace. Even though life may present you with it’s challenges, it can never take away how you feel about yourself.
Self –love doesn’t come easy to most.   If you haven’t learned how to love yourself, don’t fret.  But please know that how you treat yourself, how you show up in life, and where you place your attention immediately determines how you feel.
Even though self-love is a feeling and an experience, it does require conscious actions.  Self – Love grows.  This connection with You doesn’t strengthen overnight.  It builds and builds as you stay keenly in-tune with what feels “right” to you in the moment and how you care for yourself.  Your actions and choices will directly affect how you feel about You.
As we are shifting into self-love, your mind has to take a back seat to the feeling of your “rightness”.  The more you follow your inner gut guidance the stronger your love for yourself will grow.  This “rightness” of course can never originate from your mind.
See this “rightness” at your core is your barometer for your personal journey.   What may be “right” for somebody else doesn’t have to be “right” for you, or visa versa.   This “rightness” is your very personal guidance —  because no two journeys can ever be the same.
This “rightness” in actuality is your higher-self communicating with you.  And it is directly connected into your personal morals, standards, and values —  as well as necessary learning steps for your soul’s journey.
Here are some key points for you to follow on your personal journey into self-love:
** Self-love means putting your needs and your happiness first, most of the time.  Of course there is a time and a place to compromise and give to another’s needs but most of the time your cup should overflow, so giving is easy and graceful.
** Self-love is being sensitive to your needs.  It means spending time alone (bath, workouts, just being, or simply watching a movie).
** Self-love means you become your own gentle critic or your best cheerleader. It means parenting yourself with care and gentle strength.  It means knowing yourself, your triggers, your ego, your desires and knee jerk reactions, and steadily encouraging yourself to rise above.
** It means forgiving your past (self and others).
** It means encouraging yourself to be the best you can be in any given moment.
** It means being present, patient, and compassionate with yourself.
** It means setting healthy boundaries in all areas of your life.
** It means communicating with yourself and asking,  “How will this make me feel in the long run?  How does this feel to me now?  What do I really want and how do I feel about this?”
** It means speaking your truth and expressing your experience about things.
You will have to be courageous.  You will have to trust! You will have to rise above your fears!  You will have to follow your “rightness” blindly and sometimes you will make choices that will seem completely illogical to the mind.
Some may judge this self-love as selfish, let them! Self-isch (ness) is actually healthy and necessary in balance, of course.
There will always be fires to put out and there will always be situations and people demanding your time and attention. NEVER loose yourself along the way. Never forget about your self-loving list, and stay steadfast in asking “What do I need”!
You deserve to be good to You. You owe it to yourself.
With all my Love,