Spirituality misunderstood

  |   healing, transformation

In our society, “Spirituality” or what we might also call “conscious awareness” is still very misunderstood.
“Spiritual” people are very often labeled as “flakey”,  “having their heads in the clouds,” zealots, fanatics and even “radicals”.
In addition to the fear of being labeled, some of my clients have also shared their personal fears of giving up a life directed by rationalism.  “What will I become?”
“What will my life turn into?”
“What about my responsibilities?”
“How will I manage change (I like my life)?”
Anybody who is traveling on this path of being present to the self and the surroundings will agree when I say that this path is not only the most challenging, it is also the most authentically empowering choice and experience.  While much of your foundation for decision-making will change, it will be replaced by a guidance that leads to choices promoting the development of you.
By no means is the spiritual path an easy way to go.  On the contrary, to stay in the old ways and antecedent conditioning is much easier (and by the way, it is readily available to come back to at any moment in time.)
While the path of spirituality is much more challenging, it is filled with the greatest rewards and blessings because for better or worse, this path invites change.
Each path we choose, involved choices.  Even our decision not to choose, is indeed a choice.  So, we might say that the best path is that which is guided by those choices most right for us as individuals.  Making these ‘right’ choices means becoming so honest with the self that the correct choice reveals itself clearly as the only way to.  Obviously this takes practice and a great amount of discipline since it is much easier in today’s day and age to take the road of “comfortable” or “quick fix.”