Spring cleaning

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“Spring cleaning”
It is time for spring-cleaning everybody.  We all know how great it feels to get rid of the winter “stuff” and heaviness.  How fantastic it feels to bring in the space and lightness of springtime freshness.
There are so many ways spring-cleaning can happen.
Of course there is the “spring cleaning” of the house.  Getting rid of the dust, the heavy air, cleaning the windows and floors. Shaking out the rugs and curtains.  What FUN…. smiles….
Then you could clean out your closets.  It does feel very freeing to simply (or sometimes not so easily) select clothing pieces that would be better of finding a new home.  Pieces you haven’t worn and that you most likely will never wear again.  Perhaps it is time to let go of them… smiles.
We can also choose to clean our physical bodies.  The oh so fantastic juice cleanse, or food cleanse …  or perhaps even committing to a cleansing practice of some sort like yoga to assist in, and prolong the cleanse.
We can even clean our minds.  We can rearrange our minds in the same way that we can rearrange furniture.  Out with the old, in with the new.  Which thoughts are old and outdated and which thoughts would you like to replace them with?
You can even do a “watch what comes out of your mouth” cleansing.  Words are super powerful.  The less swearing, gossiping or demeaning your language, the cleaner, clearer and stronger you’ll feel!!!  Imagine that … smiles.
Whether you decide to do one of the above cleansings or all of them- it all had to do with ENERGY and so will affect your vitality and outlook.  Devoting your energy to “cleaning” will absolutely make you feel better and brighter both externally and internally. This is what you want … to support the way you feel!!!  To ready yourself for summer spirit.
And last but not least, change begets change.  Cleaning is “clearing,” creating space for new possibilities and openings.
So go ahead and cleanse yourself and create positive, feel good energy for you!!!
With Love and Light,