Stillness is strength.

  |   being present, breath, change, healing, transformation

The new paradigm is all about strength.
The true strength is kind, supportive and conscious. It also says “No” and sets healthy boundaries. True strength speaks its truth and doesn’t take things personal. The real strength is the ability to remain still in adversity in order to choose a conscious response.
In a world of “quick fix” choices and immediate gratification we must reclaim our strength.  It is absolutely necessary to muster up our strength so we do not take the easy way out. The easy way is most often not the better/right way.
Resonate with and be still with situations. We must remind ourselves that lashing out or shrinking is not the desired reaction.  Rather find that sweet spot, that center of your core and breathe, be still.  The right choice of response will make you feel peaceful.
Drama, emotional roller coaster and hysteria are apart of the old paradigm and will not be supported by this consciousness shift anymore. It is time to outgrow the old and unsupportive ways and to claim your strength in being in charge of yourself.
The beautiful thing about strength is that it builds upon itself. The stronger you become the lighter, more authentically empowered and freer you will be.  Free from the limitation, free to be you.
Thank you for joining me.
With love and light,