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Outgrowing the Illusion.

Outgrowing the illusion doesn't mean we stop playing in it nor does it mean we stop  having fun with it.  On the contrary, life becomes more fun and more meaningful, as we appreciate our blessings more consciously. Outgrowing the illusion means - the understanding of the deeper levels...

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08 May
  |   change, transformation

Communicate yourself into connection.

The deepest yearning that all of us souls share is the need for love, acceptance and connection. Yet the feeling of connection often seems to disappear when communication fails, taking with it the experience of love and acceptance. All of us know what it feels like...

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03 November
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The Sound Of Music (August Blog)

Lately, I have become fascinated by sound.  A few weeks ago I organized a sound healing event for my friend, Tim The, a yoga teacher and shamanic sound healing facilitator who was visiting from Sedona.  When I first worked with Tim, I had an out...

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31 July