The Sound Of Music (August Blog)

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Lately, I have become fascinated by sound.  A few weeks ago I organized a sound healing event for my friend, Tim The, a yoga teacher and shamanic sound healing facilitator who was visiting from Sedona.  When I first worked with Tim, I had an out of body experience!   This time — at our June event —  the sensations I felt as I surrendered to the sounds of all the instruments were different, but just as incredible.  I was experiencing movement within my body, but I wasn’t moving.  It was as if an invisible force was adjusting and shifting my physical body, yet I was laying as still as possible, simply observing and occasionally smiling.
Tim informed us that sound penetrates density with ease.  By “density” he meant the physical body, which is a highly dense manifestation of energy.
Of course, you know how music affects your mood.  The right musical tune can give you an energy boost like nothing else.  Music can lift your spirit, move your emotions, and give you courage.  It can activate your sexy side, your melancholy side, or your superhero side.

Can you believe that there is music within you?

Your voice is a magical musical instrument.  It carries vibration.  You may know that words carry vibration as well.  Here are some tips for “fine-tuning” (pun intended!)  yourself more consciously.  I’m also gifting you a crystal bowl mind clearing activation as a sample from my new program, “Light – Power – Action”.
*** The more consistently you speak your truth, the faster and more powerful your vibration becomes.  Speaking your truth assists the throat chakra to be open and clear, enabling you to speak from your highest wisdom.
*** Expressing your emotions in a calm and collected fashion also holds a very powerful vibration.  It’s as if you give your emotions a voice.  Every emotion can be shared and finds release when spoken from the heart in a calm manner.
*** Use your voice to speak your hearts desires out into the world.  It will create a resonance throughout your body, in your energy field and external environment.
Footnote:  It is important to see everything and also to express your feelings and truth.  Not everybody will always welcome your truth or what you have to share, especially if it isn’t what they want to hear.  That is OK.  It won’t affect your vibration negatively.  On the contrary, it will free you into stronger and lighter states of empowerment!
Use your voice consciously, and celebrate yourself through your sacred sounds.  Know that the words you speak are never “just words.”  Words hold tremendous power; the power to affect change, movement, emotion and connection with their vibration. Choose the place from which you create your words wisely.   There’s always time to pause and take a breath.  Communicate from a calm place.
Make music with your voice that will move you, inspire you, strengthen you, and build you into a fine-tuned instrument for the light.
As promised, here is the audio:
<p>][/audio] The quartz crystal singing bowl I am using in this audio is an A# note and stimulates the pineal gland as well as assists in clearing the mind.  As you know, clearing and mastering your mind is the most important practice for you to take on. Listen to this recording as often as possible, for instance first thing in the morning, on your way to work, on your lunch break, after work or before bed. It is only  7 minutes 40 seconds long.  Use it as a reset for yourself or as your daily meditation. However it fits you!