Take it as it comes

  |   healing, transformation

“Take it as it comes”
“Life will give to you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.For the experience you need, is the experience you are having at this moment.”
I encourage you to carefully consider this aphorism. Read it again.  Its says nothing about cars, jobs, mortgages, and 401k plans, but instead speaks of the “evolutionary of your consciousness.”  If this is not your goal, read no further …
In fact, this aphorism may be only true in the realm of a consciousness evolution perspective, as most of the things that we believe we need otherwise are mere distractions.  Choosing this perspective removes the clutter and helps you see and clearly accept what it is that you are experiencing in this moment. 
With all the economic challengers that we are experiencing in our lives today, this perspective is a breath of fresh air, especially compared to the alternative paths of “giving up,” “self pity,” “I am a loser,” “I am a victim,” etc.
When you remind yourself that everything happens for a reason, you start looking for the meaning of events instead of simply dealing with their ramifications; you start operating on a level where you stop reacting and begin to realize how you are in fact have a heavy hand in “co-creating” events in your life.
Recognizing that everything has a reason, gives your life reason; it will make life so much easier and more purposeful for you!!!   After all, no one wants to suffer without a cause, meaning or purpose! Plus I guarantee you that if you choose this perspective and let the events of your life take you inside of yourself with the intention of evolving on a conscious level, you will do so!!!
In this way a perception of suffering will turn into a new perspective of “what am I supposed to learn here?”
If you aren’t entirely convinced that everything happens for a reason, or that such a perspective change could significantly brighten your life, its really okay.  All that I ask is that you stay open to this possibility.  Try it out. The next time a problem arises, right it down on a piece of paper and tuck it away someplace safe.  Then come back to it in a week or two and look to see if any opportunities were created for you by it.
You are in charge of your mind. You are the boss of you.  Always remember, repetition is the mother of success.  Keep reinforcing what you want/choose and you will manifest it.  Do not deny yourself the right to choose, you owe it to yourself.
With Love and Light,