The deeper your grounding…

  |   being present, breath, change


“The deeper your grounding the greater your access….to everything you want!”
Grounding, as spiritual and hippyisch as the word may sound to many, is a real experience and thing. It isn’t illusive at all and mandatory if you take your growth, healing and expansion seriously.
My favorite image to use is the tree. The deeper the roots, the more magnificent the branches, leaves and fruit. The tree needs both energies to thrive. Earth’s nutrients and minerals, earth’s strengthening support for safety and security against the elements and it’s energy, in order to be of the earth.
It also needs the light! It needs the light’s life-force to grow. It needs the light’s vitamins and nutrients, and of course it’s energy.
You are no different from this tree. You, as an energetic Being must be rooted in order to be present to life in your physical body as well as have access to higher realms of your higher mind-guidance and truth.
Another great example for the importance of grounding is lightning. Below this blog I have posted some really cool and short videos for you. They show how lightning needs tracers that come up from the ground, or up and through fixtures to be an anchor for the lightning. In other words, the lightning doesn’t find it’s way all the way down to the earth without “a grounding” opposite to connect with. The earth’s energy reaches up and welcomes heaven’s energy, so the two may merge. Love it! It’s almost romantic!
As we are expanding in consciousness and are amidst this current paradigm shift, grounding will assist you to access your higher self, your soul and your divinity. These higher energies and light frequencies are your power, are your strength, your creativity and deepest joy. You want those energies to be able to reach you! You need those inspirations from the light for your expansions. Just as much as you want to be present to every moment of your life.
4 Easy steps to grounding:
1) Come into your breath. Slow it down, bring your awareness to it. Aim to reach the air into your belly, as deeply and as slowly as you comfortably can.
2) Now focus on your feet. You could be on an airplane, which does not make a difference. Energy is everything and everywhere in an instant!
But if you can, place your feet flat on the floor. Visualize, imagine or make belief that you are opening up through the soles of your feet and are growing energetic roots into our beloved mother earth.
3) Visualize, imagine, feel it, sense it or make believe that you are receiving in, through your roots, earth’s powerful strength and grounding energy. (Practice makes perfect!)
4) You are still breathing and receiving earth. Next you open up through body posture and awareness. Depending on where you are in the moment, it could be as simple as a straight back, shoulders down and back, chest out and head reaches up with the chin slightly tucked. Because your mind is clear, your breath is flowing, your grounding is established and your body posture is adjusted; you are now open to receiving light.
(- This may require repetition and practice for some. That’s ok.
Let go of expectations. Everybody is different, and so, how you will feel and experience it is yours to learn and find out. )
5) Receive and “Be”!
Once you have become comfortable with your grounding the process of connecting and receiving will become easier and faster every time.
You are now able to “be” because it requires a quiet mind.
To be present to the moments of life is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. Further more, you are now aligned to seek out a higher perspective, access your higher mind or even allow higher guidance/inspiration to enter through your mind, which is your natural antenna. You are being the vessel through which earth and divine light flow with ease and grace.
This simple exercise will become easier and faster for you to do, I promise. The more you practice it, the easier it will become. I use this technique at any time and anywhere, within 4 seconds now.
I hope you will benefit from it greatly. May all your endeavors be blessed. May your heart be as open as the sky.
Until next time.
With Love and Light,