The more you give, the more you have!

  |   being present, change, healing, transformation

Bora Bora and Miami 325
Giving doesn’t necessarily have to mean solely to others, giving is just as real and important when you give to yourself.  So whether you are giving to yourself or to others, the importance is the balance between the two.
Conscious giving is a magical experience. You may be giving of your time, your devotion, your patience, care or love. Whenever you give love for example, you feel more love,  Whenever you give more patience, you feel more patient. That which we are focusing on becomes our experience. Therefore, whatever you want more of, give it.
To give to yourself is very important.  Sometimes you may need alone time, sometimes you just may need to do what you want to do. And when you do honor your own needs, you “refill yourself” so you will be able to give again in a conscious way.
Enjoy conscious giving in this balanced way and you are supporting the healing and clearing of us all.