The Year 2012

  |   healing, transformation

Here we are, it is the year 2012.
I could choose to bore you with all the negative and fearful projections that so many of us are buying into and feeding energetically … but I won’t.
In the end we are source-incarnated. You are an extension of source incarnated into your body of your choice, into your lifetime in this very present. Source creates and you being this extension of source means, you are here with the power to create. Science is confirming this. It is not a spiritual slogan any longer; modern science states that “yes, you create your own reality.”
Being that you are creator-incarnated, wouldn’t this be the perfect time to take initiative? With the knowledge that what you focus on will manifest, doesn’t it make sense to focus on what you would like to create rather than focusing on what others are telling you may or may not happen?
Nobody knows, nobody can give you a guarantee as to what will happen on December 21st of 2012. What I can tell you is to keep your focus on creating positive changes: positive change for yourself and for this planet. Because guess what? Your vibration as creator does affect the whole. Science is also confirming this, “the more you create positive changes and self awareness, the more positively you are supporting the positive change, awareness and healing of our Human race and our planet.” And God knows we need it. We need it fast and we need it now.
So let’s get started. The time is now. It is a new year. Why not indulge in a little bit of old time New Year’s resolution? The difference is that this year you have to stick with it though. No more excuses. No more “it’s too hard”, “my life is too stressful right now”, “I really meant it but I’ll get back to it later… ” No, this year pick something, commit to it and stick it out. Pull your socks up.
What have you been wanting to do? Which area of yourself have you been wanting to better and improve? What has been bothering you about yourself? Be honest and unconditional about it!
We all have room for improvement. You have room for improvement and this is a great thing!!!! This isn’t negative, this is positive. This is what it is all about — conscious desire and commitment to yourself: to becoming a better you.
Change creates change. When you stick with the change or adjustment that you are choosing for yourself, you become stronger because your vibration increases. This increase in vibration radiates outward into your surroundings.
It is time to focus on creating positives in your life. 2012 is too big to ignore. You may not be able to put your finger on it but something is shifting and something is happening.
If every single one of us focuses on one positive change, we would most likely shift this planet into such an increase of vibration that 12-21-12 will surely be a positive event to look forward to!
Lets do it!!!
My New Years resolution is “total indulgence in my higher mind.”
(Small tip: make your resolution be positive rather than negative. What resists persists. So focus on what you want, rather than on what you don’t.)
With Love and Light, Britta