Thoughts are Vibrations

  |   healing, transformation

Two opposite thoughts cannot exist in the same space at the same time (the space being your mind).
Imagine your thoughts consisting of a vibrational quality.  In this way positive thoughts would vibrate faster and negative thoughts would vibrate more slowly. For example Love would vibrate quite fast and fear would vibrate very slowly. 
So, as life happens and challenges present themselves, we essentially can choose how we greet them.  An “Oh NO!” response might vibrate slowly, while “How interesting,” would most assuredly vibrate more rapidly.  Every challenge has a solution attached to it and every challenge can be viewed in many different ways; it is all about finding the right perspective, the best thought that vibrates as rapidly as possible.
The quality of your thoughts and their resulting vibration will affect you in your well being (mentally, emotionally, physically and of course energetically) as well as affect the outcome of the challenge itself.  In other words your thoughts/perspective about the challenge affects the outcome through their vibration; this is how you can actively “co-create”.
The first step is of course as always, self awareness.  You must observe your thoughts in order to understand that you can shape their quality step by step to a higher vibration. 
Using this information as a tool, for knowledge is power.  You are the master of your mind and you are now reminded of what you may have already known: that a negative perspective can be replaced by a more positive one since both of them cannot coexist at the same time within your mind-space.  In other words there is only room for one kind of vibration within your mind and if this vibration doesn’t feel good to you, then simply change it.  Well of course, this takes practice, but the more you try it out for yourself the more you may find that, yes, you are able to shift your vibration (thoughts) step by step.
For example, you want to be observing your thoughts while asking yourself where the quality of your thoughts really is at; is it at a higher or a lower vibration.  Then search your mind for a slightly higher vibrational thought or perspective and you will notice how the higher vibrational thought already has replaced the lower vibrational thought because they cannot exist at the same time.  If and when a thought slips back into a lower vibration, that’s OK — notice it, breathe deeply, reclaim your mind and shift back into that higher vibration thought. 
It is something like climbing a ladder, step by step, shifting into a higher form of co-creation.  The more you pay attention, and the more you practice this, the easier it will become to take bigger steps, to climb up that ladder faster and to shift yourself into a faster vibrational experience.
These shifts in vibration will result in you feeling better, trusting in that everything happens for a reason and you being the authentically empowered co-creator you were placed here in order to be.