Time waits for no one and it doesn't wait for me!

  |   being present, breath, change, healing, transformation

Why did time pass so slowly when you were a child but it seems to fly by now that you are older?
It is because when you were a child you were present.  You were awake, and aware of every moment.  You were curious and every moment held the promise of wonder and newness.
What happened? You think too much!  Unnecessary thoughts at that; Thoughts that keep you locked in the past and thoughts that have you worry about the future.  Thoughts that are fear based and thoughts that judge and blame others as well as yourself.
You are missing out.  When you are in your head you cannot be present to the moment any longer.  This is when time just passes you by, the oh so precious moments come and go without you even noticing them. Racing ahead in your mind, stressing out about moments that haven’t even arrived yet while you are letting your life pass you by.
Stop, breathe and feel the air move in and out of your body.  Focus on life, focus on living, focus on being present to every moment of your life. No more waisting time, it is way too precious.  Let the thoughts float by, they are boring!  You “being present” is the excitement of life, it is when you make time work for you. Make time last and be childlike yet again ;0).
Love and Light,