Timing is Everything

  |   healing, transformation

Have you heard the expression, “Timing is everything?”
I believe it is true.
“Timing” is a force that governs everything within our Universe.  It is an invisible, knowing influence that orchestrates all encounters, situations, circumstances, etc.
The good news about Timing is that it co-creates with you. Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly letting it know what you are and are not ready for.  Through your thoughts, your words, your actions and your emotional states, you are signaling and co-creating with this Timing to manifest all that surrounds you.  Timing always wants what is best for you especially that which is best for you on a soul/energy level.  It might not be always what you are thinking you wanted for yourself, but you need to trust that while Timing may not bring you fame and fortune, it will provide you what you need to grow and evolve.
Once you choose to pay attention to Timing and decide to trust it, you will be able to flow with it and let the fun begin.  Life is a journey which is meant to be fun.  If you choose to go against it and to push and resist Timing’s force, you will most likely end up encountering the experience of struggle.
How can you learn to go with it?
Surrender.  Surrender into not knowing what exactly is necessary or best for you and your evolving process on your deepest or soul level.  Trust in Timing so it may give to you exactly what you need in the moment.  The less you resist the fewer struggles you will encounter.  The more you let go of your expectations and begin to flow with what is meant to be, the more you will be able to relax and fully enjoy the moment.
Of course you will want to set goals for yourself and to work hard toward achieving them; after all you must be proactive in order for Timing to be able to assist you. Timing is best able to assist you when you take full responsibility for what and how you are informing it about your goals and Intentions.  This process is called “co-creating.”  You co-create by resonating within the energy of your goals as if they are already in place.  Everything you say, think, feel, behave and act, in addition to how you love and respect yourself informs Timing about your readiness.
If what you are wanting is completely wrong for you and your soul evolution and perhaps even your karmic patterns, Timing will gently or sometimes forcefully guide you into the true fulfillment of your soul’s desire.  It will hinder and block what is wrong for you, not because it is punishing you or because Timing is some sort of dark force, but because it really wants only the best for you.  So, you truly can’t loose.
All this to say, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!
Every moment of life offers something of purpose to you. The more you accept each instant without judgment but with trust and surrender, the more happiness you may find within your life.  For matters seemingly better or worse, the more you flow with Timing the more you will evolve, and the closer you will come to truly fulfilling your purpose for being here in this life!
Namaste Everybody