Trusting Divine Self

  |   healing, transformation

If you have food to eat, a healthy body and shelter to protect you from the elements, you are a blessed Being!  You’ve so much for which to be grateful!!!
At this point I would like to reconnect to last month’s blog where we discussed the issue of trust: trust in the Divine self, in the essence of the self and trust in the part of us that lives on after we leave our physical bodies. 
Is it so difficult to believe that you are an infinite Being experiencing a momentary “Human” sojourn?  Though they may fight over the variety of names and the significance of their prophets (sometime ferociously) major religions, ancient scriptures, avatars, light workers and believers all agree on one basic truth, that we, us Beings, all belong and originate from the same Source. Even atheists cannot deny the fact that we are Energy. It is time to come back to the basics, to the bottom line of the Truth.  That we are all a part of this Oneness, Energy, Light, Consciousness, Universe, Supreme Soul/Spirit/Being, Love . . . whatever you’d like to call it!
In India and around the world there are many who have no shelter, living on the streets in cardboard boxes at best.  Some are missing limbs and have no medical assistance.  They have no jobs and no money to buy food.  Yet so many find the presence to smile.  They thank God for being part of this Human experience.  They live in the experience of basic truth — that it is a blessing to be here, to have a body out of which their soul can transcend the Human Illusions.
Back to the issue of trusting in the Divine Essence of the self . . . in order to trust in the Divine, one must believe and be in it. This belief gets strengthened and becomes manifest only through practice and repetition, reinforcing the concept through being and encouraging the search of oneself. 
We are already familiar with some of the tools we can use to activate self realization.  There is the breath, it brings one into being present with the self, helping to observe negative and unsupportive thought patterns ( programming ).  There is meditation, it promotes clarity of mind and the practice to control and direct one’s thoughts.  And there remains another powerful tool called GRATITUDE.
In our culture, contrary to many eastern societies, our teachings do not promote the empowerment of self awareness, so we can be more easily caught in vicious cycles of struggle. Gratitude is a wonderful instrument for those of us who are experiencing deep struggle because it eases the mind and the emotions. Our programming makes it painfully difficult  to see novel possibilities or to explore creative solutions. So when our Being is stuck in a cycles of hopelessness,we tend to make small, incremental steps to find a way out.  In this survival mode, self realization appears as the most unimportant thing to even consider.  This is where gratitude allows for openings into hope and trust.  Gratitude is a very Divine state of mind.
I invite you to try on gratitude, regardless of your position in the cycle or your emotional state.  It is beneficial to all Beings.  Giving thanks for what we do have, and we do have so much indeed, brings us back into the humble yet powerful experience of the basic truth.  It widens our perspective beyond the programming into compassion for ourselves and this planet and will most likely propel desire to help create changes for ourselves as well as for all of Humanity.
On another note, for those of us who have, and haven’t, seen or read “The Secret,” I’ll remind you of the law of attraction — that individuals experience physical and mental manifestations corresponding to their predominant thoughts, feelings, words, and actions; and that they thereby have the ability to control the reality of their lives through thought alone. Our thoughts (conscious and unconscious), emotions, beliefs and actions attract corresponding positive or negative experiences. Since we are not only energetic but also magnetic in nature, gratitude not only eases our Being, but attracts more for which to be grateful. 
Please remember that it may take a little time before change may be observed by you.  In the meantime, be present, be grateful and trust.
Thank you for finding interest in my blogs 🙂