Warp Speed

  |   healing, transformation

If you are feeling like time is just flying by, that’s because it is.
My grandmother always used to say, “The older you get, the faster time goes by.” And I am sure that there is some truth to that.
Being that I feel very youthful still and that the actual “number” really doesn’t have to rule the experience, I am subscribing to the concept that time is literally speeding up. Smiles…
Time however really is an earthly modality used to grasp the concept of change. From a spiritual perspective time doesn’t even exist. Therefore it isn’t really time which is speeding up, it is the vibration on our planet that is increasing.
Lighter vibration is faster than lower vibration. The faster vibration, which is increasing on planet earth, is pushing change forward and promoting events to occur much more frequently. For example, where just 50 years ago lives stayed stagnant and in the same old rut without any significant change for long periods of time, this has changed dramatically. Today change is occurring in all lives on all levels at all times, all over the world.
This is happening because from a spiritual perspective we are in the “awakening stage” of human consciousness evolution. Unconsciousness, old and outdated patterns, fear-based choices, negative behaviors that affect others, the planet and the self in harmful ways are all being forced to the surface. Impurities are being forced into the open, negativity and lower energies exposed by the light.
We are here to grow and evolve into consciousness of inner strength and truth. We are here to choose authentic empowerment. We are here in these physical bodies to not do to any other Being that which we wouldn’t want done to ourselves. In the end, we are here to self-realize.
We Humans are creatures of habit and unless the “shit hits the fan” we will not easily change our ways. Therefore the need to promote this change that is becoming greater and greater since we’ve pretty much destroyed our earth, eradicated species, dulled our sense of compassion for others, taught and promoted violence to the new generations and really are numb to it all because we are too busy and all caught up in this big rat race to nowhere. Because of time moving so fast …
Hmmm… Therefore this sense of time speeding up is appropriate and real to the earthly experience. It is time to surrender, accept the shifts occurring and appreciate the every second of every moment we have to really make this an experience to remember… smiles.
It is the awakening time of our human consciousness evolution. Wake up!!!! Breathe deep and be present. Be still and allow it to unfold.
Love and Light to us all, Britta