What is spirituality?

  |   healing, transformation

I feel that it is time for the free thinkers and consciousness revolutionaries amongst us to redefine old attachments and meanings to certain words.  One of these words is “spirituality”.
When I googled the word “spiritualist,” I found this description, “A person who communicates with spirits and promotes churches …” Interesting.  The definition seems to fit popular perception that a spiritual person is either a witch or a person devoted a particular religion  Either perspective can create the view of a spiritual person as a self-marginalized individual.
To me, the word “spiritual” is infinitely less limiting – I see everything as spiritual: the ocean, the forest, animals, laughter, communication, a hurricane or a baby being born.
To me, at the deepest level of the meaning of spirituality is the essence of everything in existence.  One may call it the grid, or the matrix or the energetic web of pure potential and possibility that interconnects us all.
I do feel spirituality to be of a love and light vibration.  Spirituality holds for me the quality of “goodness,” of “doing the right thing” and of treating every Being is an honest, respectful manner.  Does this sound naïve and if so does it then marginalize me as a Pollyanna? Or worse, does it marginalize me as an atheist?
Is spirituality free from religion!  Free from ritual or liturgy?
I say no.  Spirituality is ALL of these things and more.  It is uber-inclusive, uber-non-marginalizing.  It is the superset of all other.   Spirituality is not religion, but religion is a form of spirituality practice. Spirituality doesn’t care if you are a witch or a zealot.  It doesn’t care where you live, what you do for work and how much money you make. Everybody is able to choose spirituality, no matter which religion, place of birth, place of occupation or skin color.
On the conscious Human level, I believe spirituality is about choosing to be your true best self.  No matter who you are, I see you as spiritual in your essence. Spirituality is a practice.  Through practice you learn who you are and why you are here.  Your practice helps you make conscious choices that shape a life that make this self-realization possible.
A conscious, spiritual practice really gets challenged when something negative, dark or bad happens.  It is easy or easier to remain spiritual when all is well and one feels good but what happens when things go “bad”?  This is when a spiritual perspective is needed more than ever in my opinion.
In this light then, we can go further.  In fact everything has potential to be accepted as spiritual or even made spiritual through the power of perception.  A person practicing spirituality sees everything as spiritual in its essence  – he/she sees a world of potential even as seemingly dark and negative events and people present themselves.  This shift in perspective is the key to unlocking levels to which a Human Being can consciously choose spirituality.
Again, it is not about being in denial or acknowledging the pain and suffering which often occurs through challenges.  It is rather about aligning with the grid of the unconditional love perspective that pierces through the immediate experience into the depth of the truth. It is that any challenge is truly opportunity for growth, for healing and for activating more love and light potential, all of which awaits at the core of the experience.  Most often this also requires a solid dose of compassion for all involved.
Again, no matter who we are or where we are, we all have the power to reach for perspectives that bring out the good in everybody and everything.  Then, a spiritualist is a person who consciously chooses to seek out the highest possible perspective within any other Being or situation.  A Being who challenges the self to let go of judgment of any person or situation and who understands which choice in perspective will feed darkness and which choice in perspective will feed light. In this way, all who choose to find this alignment with compassion, unconditional love and wisdom activate the grid of pure love potential, activating the light.   This would make in my opinion a spiritualist a light worker ;0)))