What you need to know about forgiveness!

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You know that forgiveness is the key to freedom and to opening your heart, yes? It is often a therapeutic topic and one of the main components to healing the self.  For some reason, however, forgiveness is easier said than done.
The major barrier to one being in the heart and allowing forgiveness is of course the good old mind.  The mind has a really hard time letting go of the “I am right, that was wrong”.  The mind does not want to lose control.  The way it maintains control is by rehashing the old story of what happened and this tack of course gets involved again and again the old feeling of hurt and pain, in effect reliving the experience.  In this way, there is a tendency for one to say, “I cannot forget and therefore I cannot forgive!”
The rewind of the mind is very unfortunate because it can hold you hostage and not allow you to feel light and free to be the whole and complete Being that you are here to be.
Lingering anger and resentment to a person or situation is like an energetic cord maintaining your connection to that person or situation.  This cord not only keeps you from moving on, but it continues to be a conduit for negatively.  It locks you to the past!  It shackles you like a prisoner.   Presented with such a visual, wouldn’t you want to cut this cord and free yourself?
Since you are maintaining this energetic cord through your resentful and angry thoughts, you are playing a role and you will continue to play this role in other situations and with other people; they may look different but really, it’s the same scenario freshly packaged.  Non-forgiveness is persistent; the emotions reintroduce themselves over and over, until you break the cord!
It is important for you to know and understand that forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to agree with what happened.  It also doesn’t mean that you have to be best friends or even be in touch with the person or situation from the past!  What it does mean is that you are choosing to release the person or situation from yourself so you may move into a happy future! Releasing the need to hold on, get even, hurt, be the judge and the jury.
Make a list of all people you may have harmed as well as all people that have harmed you.  Then say to each and every situation and person inwardly, “I release you from playing this role for me, go in peace”
Now visualize the energetic cord, which has been connecting you,  and watch it spiral free as it disconnects and sets both sides free to move on.
(Repeat as many times as you feel necessary!)
If and when your mind wants to reconnect the cord and relive the old story again, use this affirmation and continue to say to yourself:
“I accept the healing power of forgiveness into my life.”
Remember, you are the boss of you.  You are the Master of your mind.  You direct your thoughts into the direction of freedom and happiness!
This will release the Karmic ties to the past and clear you to move on into a future filled with new possibilities of experiencing your authentically empowered self.  Not condoning any actions that have been committed, you simply release both parties from perpetuating them further.
You will feel it when you try it out!

The more you cut those cords the lighter and freer you will feel!
With Love and Light,