Yin Yoga = Divine Feminine

  |   change, healing, self love

Hello my Dear Friends,
I am in Costa Rica, co-hosting a retreat with Magen Banwart.  What a privilege.
I have fallen in love with yin yoga.  It is so nurturing, so loving, so healing and so deep….and  to me it embodies the energy of the divine feminine.
Since most of our doings every day are very “yang”, which is fast, strong, active, movement, thinking….; this practice of yin yoga is giving me the balance I am here to embrace into my life fully and completely.
It is the time of the divine feminine energy to fill up all of us with her nurturing, loving and kind balance. Male as well as female.     We are already both, male and female.  However, to make space in our active lives for the LOVE is necessary and timely. :0)
Find time to go within and love yourself entirely.  This is the meaning of wholeness.
I will be in touch soon.
With all my Love,