Your Day is Your Attitude

  |   healing, transformation

How do you “check in” at the beginning of the day?
The attitude with which you start your day matters!
Do you punch in as a leader or a follower?
Are you active or passive?
Are you conscious and aware or are you unconscious and numb?
Your attitude is your altitude … think about it.
Be honest with yourself and pay attention to yourself in the morning. How do you generally greet the day? Are you open to a positive outlook about your day?  Remember it is about your attitude, it is not about mirroring or reacting to other people around you at home or at work. It is you who matters!!!
What you give out is what you get back.  You are the creator of your reality and your attitude sets the tone for your day, your experience and your life.  What could you possibly expect if you don’t give your day the benefit of the doubt and look to make it the best day that you can possibly make it!?
Find time to paint the mental image of yourself as you would like to be, of how you would like to show up in this world.  Perhaps imagine for a few minutes in the morning, while you are getting yourself ready (while you are brushing your teeth or taking a shower or making your coffee/tea) how you would like to show up today. Who are you today and who will you remain to be no matter what the day brings.
For example do you want to be helpful today or cheerful or compassionate, honest or perhaps be a better listener, etc.  If you have already been working on yourself, then fine tune, there is always more to be!
Have your intention for you in your day be positive and new because it is your day! Negative/old is easy and will always be there waiting for you.  Negative is boring; it is getting old!  We have all been there and we have all done it-next!  Make yourself exciting and make yourself exciting today.  What is there to wait for because tomorrow is no guaranty!
Try and see for yourself.  Then, try to dedicate yourself to being consistently as you would like. Even if your day throws you a stumbling block, step right up on it to elevate yourself.  If you happen to stumble, get up and keep going.  Nobody said it would be easy all the time!
But you can make it easier for yourself and why wouldn’t you?  Unless of course you feel that you deserve to suffer a little more … hey it’s your day-knock yourself out but maybe and just maybe you’ll get tired of it before the day is over and that’s when you may come back to reading this blog again to focus on adjusting your attitude-because you can!!!
And remember when you choose to adjust your attitude, keep reminding yourself of it.  Keep coming back to it as your day moves along… : )
Your attitude is your altitude!
Have a great day.
Love and Light,
P.S. Keep breathing  : )