Your doorway into spiritual mastery, "self-discipline".

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March 2014 Blog
“Self-discipline”, your doorway into spiritual mastery.
Discipline is an important attribute that we must learn to love.  When we hear the word “discipline,” we generally resist, rather than welcome it as a quality to be honored and embraced.  I invite you to shift your perception.   Stop thinking of discipline as hard, strenuous or something you don’t have. That’s not true; and simply a limiting belief you’ve accepted as fact.
I invite you to see discipline as beautiful and self-nourishing. Let discipline be that guiding voice that has your best in mind, that voice that cares about how you feel and what you do.  Self-sabotage, procrastination or resistance are never who you are. You must never identify with these unsupportive trades. I hear people say “I am such a procrastinator”.  No you are not!  It is something you learned to do, it is your programming but never who you are.  When you identify with limitation you get to keep it!
As you can perhaps tell, self-discipline is very closely related to self-love and self-worth, and feeds both. It is the ability to monitor yourself on every level and in every way and to lovingly nudge yourself back into better thinking, supportive words, healthier choices and trust in yourself as brilliant, exceptional and deserving of all the blessings your heart desires.
Discipline is much more than making it to the gym or sticking to your new diet.  It runs so much deeper than what you have or haven’t done.  It is your doorway into spiritual mastery.
Self-discipline connects into self-observation and self-awareness.  If your goal is self-mastery, then you must strengthen your positive experience and relationship with your personal discipline.
It really isn’t about deprivation; discipline will re-establish your balance.  Once you understand this, your appreciation for life will expand.  You will learn to enjoy and live life to the fullest in new ways.
Your life will become richer and more fulfilling when you summon the courage to follow the inner-wisdom of self-discipline.
Take a few deep breaths, and close your eyes.  Tap into your goals, your visions, your dreams.  See yourself, feel yourself personally fulfilled.
Whatever it is that you are imagining right now, know that you will grow into it. Growth is part of life and serves your highest good, so that you may expand into strength and empowerment.   Now, imagine your journey from where you are today into this image of success.
–       Where did you have to create balance and smarter choices?
–       Which areas of your personality need to be enhanced?
–       Which negative voices, thought patterns and beliefs did you have to divorce in order step into greater possibilities?
Good, take note!  Know what steps are necessary for you to grow into this image of yourself and pay attention to those times when you are not in alignment.  You will quickly realize where your personal challenges lie!
The key is to stay focused on who and how you want to be.  Then you hold yourself accountable for recreating the image experience in every life situation.  And voila… you are practicing self-discipline in the way it is meant to be practiced; with enjoyment and immediate gratification!
Each time you consciously step towards your dreams and embody them, you will feel elated and invincible.   Always remember, the light is the strongest force in existence.
Enjoy all that you deserve :).
With all my gratitude, love and support,