Your higher guidance.

  |   being present, breath, change, transformation

You are extension of source and have a “higher self ” you, which orchestrates your Human life for you.  This higher self is the part of you that knows what karmic clearing, relationship contracts or experiences you still need in order to grow and evolve.
There is a way to connect with your higher self guidance, which will lead you to make the right choices for yourself in every moment.   Nobody can know which choice is the right one for you, only you and your higher self have this information.
The way to connect with your higher self is through the clearing of your mind.  You will not be able to hear or feel this guidance unless you calm down or even clear the chatter of your mind. Once you create this space in your own mind, you will be able to invite your guidance in, consciously and by choice.
Being in relationship with your higher guidance is a strengthening and authentically empowering way of life.
And what is your tool to assist this practice?  😉  Your breath, that’s right! Shift your focus from your thoughts to the breath and slow it down. Let the thoughts float by, you do not need to engage. Enjoy your breath and feel your guidance.  Stay present. As soon as your mind is clear you will know exactly what you need to know in every moment.
Breathe, feel and follow your guidance.  It may not always make sense to your conscious mind but it will never steer you wrong.
Have a glorious day.
Love and Light,