Your higher self guidance.

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Some call it intuition, a gut-knowing or guidance.                                                                                                                                                           No matter what you call it, it is that inner voice, which will never steer you wrong.
Then why is it so hard to listen to it?  And even harder to trust and follow it?                                                                                                         Most of us have given full control over to our minds. The mind will never be able to understand or make sense of intuition.  Since it doesn’t make sense to the mind, it will tell you things like “It doesn’t make any sense”, “how can I trust it”, “how do I know”?
Another point as to why it is difficult to trust this guidance is the “not knowing” of where it is from. Who is talking? Who is telling me to go left while my mind is telling me to go right? The mind even has logical reasoning as to why “right” makes more sense.
I named this blog YOUR higher SELF guidance for a reason. Intuition, gut knowing and guidance comes from YOU!  It is the part of you, the higher self you that orchestrates and plans all encounters, circumstances and situations for you.  Your higher self you knows things you don’t. It knows your highest intentions for your incarnation.  It knows your soul contracts and with whom they are.  It knows your gifts, talents and abilities and how you are meant to discover them, bring them out and own them more deeply.  You are this higher self because your soul is grand and vast.  The part of your being that is within this Human body of yours is only a tiny fraction of the vastness of your infinite possibility self.
Of course it would be much easier to follow your self-guidance if you could have full blown conversations with the higher parts of yourself. But that would be too easy, wouldn’t it?  It would defeat the purpose!                                                                                                       It is your job to take back control over your mind and to connect into the knowledge and wisdom that is grander than your mind could ever conceive of.
It is a relationship you want to nurture and strengthen by paying more attention to it.  Make a point to follow your guidance and see what happens. It will not only take you where you are meant to be, it will also make you feel strong, authentically empowered and peaceful inside. It is your personal compass through life!  The more you follow it the stronger your relationship will become.        You will begin to trust yourself.  It is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.
Personally I have come to a point where I make about 90% of all decisions based on what my higher self is telling me. And guess what, it keeps getting better and better!  🙂
Claim your authentic empowerment.  Only you can!
Blessings, Love and Light,