Your Practice

  |   healing, transformation

“It’s all about the practice.”
This month’s blog is stretching the importance of the “practice.”We have a wonderful saying in our culture: “Practice makes perfect.”A strong practice will ensure the proper placement of new habits, abilities and goals.
We are living in a world where the pursuit for instant gratification has left very little room for space and time to engage with the self on an internal level. Ironically, instant gratification may take a lifetime. Permit me to illuminate the choice presented here: chasing after instant gratification over and over again to only find very brief relief that soon needs more of the same, sucked into a vicious cycle, vs. staying committed to growing and developing the self, taking the time it may take to find permanent relief, accomplishment and a real sense of satisfaction.
The point is that change takes time, it happens slowly and gradually, especially change that you have purposefully, willfully chosen. Whatever your heart desires for yourself, it is in the steadfast pursuit and practice of this pursuit that you will come to manifest that which you are consciously choosing. The nature of your pursuit does not matter; you have to prepare for it, and practice it every day! At the very least think about it, visualize it, every day!
I hear the same excuse over and over and it is: “Yeah I tried it for a few days but it didn’t work … so I stopped.” “Practice makes perfect.” You must practice, every day, if you wish to create permanent results. Keep it in the frontal lobe, in your consciousness mind; keep going since it takes 21 days to program a new habit.
Everything is a practice by the way. Whether you wish to breathe more consciously, focus on eliminating negative thoughts exchanging them with positive ones, change behaviors, exercise more, improve nutrition, be writing more, be singing more, be more present, work better … Your success lies in the practice!
Now once you put your mind to it and you keep at it you will notice results, there is no other way! So let’s say you do focus on your practice and you begin to feel good about your results; you are growing! It can happen that something in your life occurs and you become distracted for a long enough period of time for you to slip back into the old comfort zone. This is when you want to know that the new programming you have created is still there and all you need to do is start focusing on it again, coming back into the practice and you will find yourself experiencing the same result, perhaps even more so, an even stronger sense of memory and establishment. This is when you may want to keep going. Two steps forward, one step back, two steps forward one step back…!
Practice is what keeps you young, alert and alive.
Love and Light,