Your purpose happens now.

  |   being present, breath, healing, self love, transformation

The latest spiritual craze has been about “manifesting your purpose”.  Humans are awakening to the desire to be and feel of purpose.  This is a great development, except for the fact that it adds unnecessary pressure.
Where you’ll go, that’s where you’ll be.  So regardless of what you are actually “doing”, you will be subject to your personal life’s lessons. Lets not forget that it isn’t all about what you do but how you do it.
The truth is that we all have higher callings. We evolve into these callings and they may shift and change as we grow into them.   These callings will find us when we are ready.  We do not need to wreck our brains to figure out what we are “supposed to be doing”.  This energy can actually be quite misleading.
In essence we are in our purpose in every moment of every day.  Every time we remember to breathe slowly and deeply, when we give a smile or a random act of kindness, when we open our hearts to love and forgiveness, when we focus on possibilities and follow our guidance we will naturally and intuitively be led into our next place in life.
As you know, life unfolds in its own time and space :).  Flow with life and allow for every moment to be meaningful.  This way you will be prepared and guided into the highest and greatest experiences your soul has already laid out for you.  And by allowing for every moment to be of purpose you are already living the greatest one, life!
Thank you for joining me. Have a glorious day.
Blessings, Britta