Good Patterns Bad Patterns

  |   healing, transformation

Good patterns, bad patterns…. They’re all just conditioning
Ultimately everything we do is a “conditioned patterning”. We come into this world as innocent and pure Beings, with clean slates ready to absorb and learn. The only “conditioning” that is established at birth is planted in the primitive area of the brain controlling “fight-or-flight” response.
Fight-or-flight is a survival instinct and the part of us humans that reminds us of that we are still “animal-like”. The primitive area of the mind causes a baby to reach out when sensing a fall and to cry when it is hungry or scared. Fight-or-flight is the body’s response to perceived danger and when triggered, the body produces certain hormones like adrenalin, enabling us to protect ourselves with minimal interference from our higher thought centers. When the perceived threat is gone, the body gradually goes back to its more normal (parasympathetic) state. FYI, chronic stress keeps the body in a constant (sympathetic) state of fight-or-flight that can be damaging over time!!!!!
Other than fight-or-flight, there isn’t much else in terms of “conditioning”. We are born with clean slates and pretty much everything else outside of the most basic drive for sex and food is learned behavior. So, this tells us that yes, you can learn new patterns. We all can! We so easily recognize the need to redo our living rooms, carpets, homes, cars and even update our wardrobes with almost every season… Then why not change, update and recondition ourselves (let’s say — at least once a year?)
We take on new patterns all the time. Why not intently pick and choose the patterns you would rather like? And, since the patterns you received during your childhood like “hand-me-downs” that you may not have selected for your own, why not make the effort to take inventory of what’s there and update your worldly fashion. Then imagine how good you will feel really sporting the choices you’ve made for yourself.
So what does it all mean? It means that with a little bit of effort and dedication you can manifest yourself in any way you can possibly imagine. You have a choice. You can invest your energy and time in fueling and entertaining “unattractive patterns” or you can focus and nurture “attractive patterns” that when given the time and attention will grow and flourish into a beautiful and better version of you. Hmmmm… What a concept!
The best part of it is that it really isn’t rocket science. It is really rather simple. Just focus on how you would rather respond, act and handle yourself.
If you aren’t sure about how you could possibly act, speak, think and respond in better ways, pay attention to the attributes that you admire in others. A very good question to ask yourself is: “Who is your inspiration and why?” This is a very telling observation you may find out about yourself.
Once you’ve discovered how you would like to show up in your life, you can lovingly keep adjusting yourself. In other words aligning yourself with the new image or idea of your thoughts, words and actions (chosen responses vs. old, triggered reactions).
The good news is that anybody can do it. You may have to stay on top of it or yourself for a while but eventually you will become the “new conditioning” and will have gained in strength and authentic empowerment! And it keeps getting better … a little bit of empowerment, and a better version of yourself, may just encourage you to look even deeper.
You will like it, I promise you!!!! Smiles….
Until the next time my friend.
With Love and Light, Britta