Enjoy your Human experience with ease and grace!

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The message from the highest realms is: Enjoy your Human experience with ease and grace!
The ascension process is in action.  We are evolving into 5th dimension.
This ascension will take us all, globally from 3rd, through 4th into 5th dimension.  Most of us are still somewhere between the 3rd and the 4th dimension. Some of us already are living within the 5th dimension experience. This ascension will happen gradually, where some of us will evolve into this new experience of 5th dimension while in the body, then more and more will follow.  Until eventually a mass evolution ascension will happen.
This 5th dimension experience will be while you are in your physical body and your current life, with all your loved ones.  What will change will be your own individual experience of life.  You will be in awareness and consciousness of your own divinity.   You will be in your love and light self whilst living a Human experience on Earth.  This will include continuous growing and healing of your own soul as well as the collective of Oneness.  Of course you will remain in your same body but in a new Human experience, which will have you live in new and different ways.  There will be less of the Human dynamics at play for you with less focus on the sensory fulfillment as one example. 
The “ascensionary” message is:  Enjoy yourself, enjoy your Human relationships, spend time with loved Ones, create memories, soak it up while you have it!  There is much to be said for the 3rd and 4th dimensional experiences.  Have fun while it lasts!  Good, clean fun!
After all, despite all the current pain and suffering on our planet, and all the fear energy and judgment, it is a blessing to be here!  You are meant to make the best of every moment.  You are meant to live and laugh as much as possible. 
Stay present to what really matters.  Do not waste your energy with worry and what ifs!  Let go of the should’a, could’a, would’a! Fully embrace moments of beauty and grace.
See the beauty of our Mother Earth, see the light in the eyes of others, make your loved ones laugh often and enjoy touch, your favorite food, exercising your body and the company of like-minded and uplifting Humans.
All is well, you are safe and everything will unfold exactly the way it is meant to.  Breathe and stay present to the good things in your life!
I am wishing you and yours and our entire planet a blessed, healthy, abundant, happy, graceful and “ascending” 2013!  May the Light illuminate all!