Happy Thoughts, Happy Feelings!

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Can you believe that the year is almost over?
The date December 21st, 2012 is coming closer, it is almost here!  What is this date going to bring?  Nobody knows for sure!  Perhaps the Mayan who was chiseling the calendar into a piece of stone just ran out of space… perhaps it is just another winter solstice.  After all, Y2K came and went without a big bang!   Perhaps it means nothing. Perhaps it means everything.
What if this date does mark a milestone within a consciousness shift?  What if this date does usher in a greater sense of responsibility for our infinite and manifesting selves?  What if this is an opportunity to help shift and change things quickly?  Can we afford not to get involved? And why wouldn’t we … are we too lazy — have too little time?
Science is confirming that the larger the group, the more effective and powerful prayer and manifestation can be.  The larger the group, the greater the impact!  This has been proven through numerous scientific experiments.
I have an idea!  How about if we all collectively participate in an audio meditation? I have attached to this month’s blog.  You would take a few minutes each day and do this imagery meditation with the intention of manifesting a happy healthy you as well as a happy healthy earth?  Would this be something you would do for the better of all involved? You could do it wherever you are!  Ultimately you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The meditation will benefit you for sure!
Lets face it, chances are, something is going on!  Humanity has pushed limits in so many areas of earthly life.  And believe it or not, election or not, we cannot put our faith and hope into the hands of a single man or party!  We, the people, the masses have the power to create change!  The more of us focus and inspire positive thoughts, choices, actions and words the more rapidly everything will change!!!!  If we all focus and act on the same things, the easier this shift will turn out to be.  That is what I believe this upcoming date is; it is a landmark within a massive consciousness shift.
Let’s take into our own hands the change we wish to see happen.  I believe that each of us is much more powerful than we imagine and that we are all here to take charge of our lives and of our world.  We cannot afford any longer to leave it up to our leaders (if we really want to call them that!?)… it is possible that now the price tag of politics is just too high for any leader in our system to be able act consistently in the interest of greater good.
How you may ask should we do this?  By focusing on the things that make you feel happy!  This is what the attached Meditation/Imagery Journey is about.   What you focus on is where your energy goes, it is what you grow and feed!  What you focus on will manifest!
It is scientifically proven that the emotions that accompany thoughts manifest 10,000 times faster and stronger than do the thoughts themselves; this was measured through electromagnetic frequencies coming from Human Beings.  This is not just spiritual mumbo jumbo; this is real stuff!
This is why it is so important for you to not only focus and think about what you want but also feel it!!!  Feel your hearts desires, feel the truth of your happiness!  Feel what makes you truly happy and focus on that!
The more positive frequencies are released into the earth grid, the less negativity will be able to survive.  Also, any negativity will become much more visible through this positive explosion.
Happy thoughts make for happy feelings and visa versa, which will put enough of the happy frequency out into the world to hopefully assist this very positive shift and change.  This all means that we need lots of people to focus on happy and all around positive thoughts and feelings.  So give this recording away, pass it on, share it with as many people as you can, so we can assure to make an impact by using our number advantage! YES?  YES!
Try to as much as you can for the next seven weeks to stop yourself from indulging in any negative and unsupportive thoughts, words, actions and behaviors.  Stop yourself from focusing on what you do not have but focus on being grateful for everything that you do have!
Feel grateful!
Focus on your breath and on what you want for yourself and this world.  Try to focus on inner values and happiness rather than on the outer!
If this really is an opportunity to assist positive changes, I surely want to be apart of it.  Don’t you? Let’s blow up this energetic grid of ours with some super positive charge!!  Let’s work together, it is time!
I thank you for participating not only for the good of all but also for the strengthening of yourself!  You are here to take responsibility now, for your conscious and focused manifesting self!
Here is an audio blog, hope you enjoy it! Britta Dubbels Nov2012
[ca_audio url=”″ width=”500″ height=”30″ css_class=”codeart-google-mp3-player”] With Love and Light,