“How do I stay present and goal orientated at the same time?”

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As I was on the retreat with Magen Banwart in Costa Rica, one of the participants asked me a very good question,  “How do I stay present and goal orientated at the same time?”  It seems to be a simple answer to a simple question but it really is not.   This question really shows a smart way of deep thinking.  To fully honor the question I will walk you through the steps.
* Every authentic goal wants to have its birthing with an intention.
Ask yourself this question: “How will my goal serve the people or the world it involves?”  Find the greater purpose for yourself through your goal.  If your heart’s desire is a large goal, do let that scare you, trust.
Note: The Universe will be more likely to support intentions that are service orientated and involve a “giving/contribution” attitude rather than a “taking/getting” attitude.  No matter which profession.
* Once you are clear on your goal and the intention behind it, make it real.  See it, sense it, feel it, visualize what it will be like and how you will make a difference in people’s lives by accomplishing your goal.
Do these visualizations twice a day but only when you are feeling, happy, peaceful or content.  You want to support the visuals with positive feelings.
Your subconscious learns through Images.  Visualization is a very simple, yet effective tool in creating positive change.
* Any time resistance shows up in the form of fear, doubt, negativity or other unsupportive thoughts and voices in your head, do not engage! This is you being present.  You want to observe everything and stay present to any and all which doesn’t support your goal and could potentially destroy it.
(Remember that you are not your thoughts. Thoughts are simply programming. If you don’t approve of certain thought patterns, let them float by like clouds in the sky.)
It is your job and responsibility to not let any “Nay-sayer” or self imposed obstacles/negativity to get in the way of you and your goal.
* From here you begin to take the necessary steps toward your goal.
One step at a time, one breath at a time, while you are being present to each step and each breath unconditionally.  Depending on how small or big your goal is you may have to take many steps.  And since it is never about the destination but always about the journey, you will get to practice being present while dodging challenges.  Challenges will appear, it is normal.  They never mean, however, that your goal isn’t “meant to be”!
* So as you can see, the importance lies in being present to the process of reaching your goal.  When you are focusing on the necessary steps toward your goal you could feel overwhelmed at times.  This is also normal, don’t stress.  Maintain the overview of everything that needs to get done, know it will get done in time and come back into the present. You know your goal is waiting for you.  You see it, feel it and hold space for it by remaining in positive expectation.  Keep your goal alive by visualizing it and making it real.
* However, sometimes your goal may receive some reconstruction from the universe so it can be of even greater service to you and all that it involves.  So remember to practice surrender to the highest and greatest good for all involved.  Trust that you do not always see everything of importance but the highest realms are always keeping an eye out for you ‘0).  Go with the changes and go with the flow.  When you are in a space of “allowing”, the Universe will be able to bring to you all the blessings you cannot imagine yourself sometimes.
* The most important thing to consider is, “what would life be like without goals”?  So enjoy having your dreams and goals and your ability to continue to expand and grow into new, creative expressions of yourself. In the end, this is what life is all about; you being an active participant and co-creator with the Universe.
Blessings, Love and Light.