How to stay balanced!

  |   being present, healing

When you are in balance with yourself you are present, you see clearly and you are grounded.
Since we are both, the masculine and the feminine within and we are divine energy/love/light Beings incarnated into a Human experience, it is clear to understand that maintaining your personal balance is essential to a happy and fulfilled life experience.
To maintain your balance wants to be an easy and joy filled experience.
You will notice how good it feels to be in balance in comparison to when you are out of balance. To be out of balance really is an awful and unstable place to reside in.
But when you do take the necessary steps to regain your balance you will find the beauty in this process as well as the feeling of relief, strength and authentic empowerment that it will give to you.
In essence claiming your ability and response- ability to be in charge of your happiness and well-being.
Lets start with the focus point for your balance.  It is your 2nd chakra or the power point about 2 inches below your navel.  The best and easiest way to activate this power place within you is to breathe slowly and deeply into the bottom of your belly.
This will ground you into your body, it will shift you into being present and it will connect you into your energy/love/light self.  This is very important and an exercise you want to maintain all day every day J.
As you are aware of your breath and your conscious connection into yourself you have the ability to self observe.
Here is a small check list to go over:
Ask yourself:
1) Have I maintained a balance between my mind and simply being?
Meaning, if you have been over thinking and been occupied with an overload of thoughts, it is time to disengage from all thoughts and give yourself a mental break; peace of mind.  This is when you will become aware of any stored emotions; breathe-feel-don’t think!
2) Have I maintained a balance between work mode and enjoy/relax mode? Meaning; too much of anything isn’t a good thing.
3) Have I maintained a balance between giving and receiving?
Meaning; if you only give you will deplete yourself and if you only receive you overwhelm yourself.  We all must give and we all must receive.  It is the balance of the masculine and the feminine within us.
It is easy to find ways to give but harder to receive when it depends on another.  Don’t depend on another!  Give to yourself!!!  Refill, recharge and love yourself.  Anything above and beyond coming from another will be a positive extra J.
4) Is this choice going to support my balance?
Meaning; Only you know what you need and what you have been lacking.  This could be a food choice to – vacation choice – to taking “you time” choice.  No matter how large or how small the choice, it wants to balance you on the smaller level as well as on the bigger life picture level.
Sept Blog Picture Britta DubbelsThe more present you become to keeping yourself in balance the happier you will be!  It is true J.
Of course sometimes we get out of balance, when life sweeps us away.
Recognize this and pay attention to how you feel when imbalanced.
Then find the ways to rebalance yourself and notice the difference in well being within yourself.  Pay attention to your feeling/guidance/ intuition when you ask yourself:
“What do I need/want to rebalance myself?”
The stronger you become in your conscious balance the more authentically empowered you will be when life throws curve balls at you.  Because you know it will, that is how you get to practice maintaining your center.
Have fun with taking responsibility and make it playful!
Until next time.
Love and Light,