One random act of kindness a day!

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I was watching a movie with my 9 year old daughter the other day and the big question of the movie was: “How do I make this world a better place?”  The answer was: “One random act of kindness a day!”
My little Naya immediately suggested: “I want to do that, I want to help! Mom, let’s go pick up the garbage on the beach”, and so we did.
But then what?
“What other random acts of kindness can we do Mom?” “What’s next?”
We were thinking about it together and we felt that it could either be doing something for another Being or giving something to another Being.  We set the intention for ourselves to affect life in a positive way on a daily basis through random acts of kindness.
We all want a better world.  We all need a better world.  My daughter wants a better world!  We cannot rely on politicians to do this for us!  Nobody can do it for us but ourselves!
So if children understand the importance of making changes and the ease and grace of giving kindness randomly to Beings in need, then why can’t we adults lead by example?
We do New Years Eve resolutions and commit ourselves to becoming better versions of ourselves.  Sometimes we even stick to our resolutions.  But generally we slip back into the old rut of the comfort zone of what we know.  We mainly focus on ourselves, our own lives and goals.  We get caught up in what we don’t have yet but want or even feel we need; Thinking that “achieving” or “getting” that will make our own world better and that’s when we’ll finally be able to help make a difference.
We all know that’s not going to happen!Feb 2013 Image
So how about for this year we all commit to doing one random act of kindness a day?
How about we become better versions of ourselves by giving kindness in some way, shape or form on a daily basis?
2013 must be different and 2013 must be special.  Only we can make it special and different ourselves.
Imagine if everybody would participate in one act of random kindness a day,!?  Not once but on a daily basis, letting “doing something for another” become a new habit, a new programming.  How great would that be!?  It would have a great impact on ourselves and on our surroundings.
And it is a wonderful exercise that you can focus on with your children or grandchildren.  What a wonderful activity to live with our children and teach our children (or let them teach us).  Children are so smart and the concerns of our world bother them, they understand that help is needed.  They also understand that two little hands do make a difference.
The impact that giving has on the self is tremendous.  It opens the heart, it lightens the energy, it promotes and increases love vibration, which results in greater health, better feeling, better thinking, which then results in making better choices, better speaking…. And so on.
It is priceless and in my opinion and the New Year resolution we all need.
I am committed, I am all the way in.  As a matter of fact I have already begun, why wait ;0)))
Lets make this world a better place, one random act of kindness a day!
With Love and Light,