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Self-confidence is an essential ingredient to creating any happy and well functioning Human Being.  The dictionary describes self-confidence as:  morale, confidence, self-assurance, assertiveness, self-reliance, self-possession and composure.
What really builds confidence? I have often found people wondering where this confidence derives from.  Clients want it; they ask me, “How do I increase it?”
If you observe people with lots of self-confidence, you will recognize their ability to be autonomous.  They would be independent thinkers, leaders, and doers.  Self-confident people trust themselves and are determined to make their own choices.  Real confidence is prominently displayed when individuals take unpopular public positions, when they speak out against injustice or stand up for those that can’t defend themselves. Confident people don’t need approval, they approve of themselves.
How does one “self-possess” or come to achieve this state of “self-approval?”
In my opinion, there are two major ingredients to this: 1) to be “right” with yourself, your choices and your actions and 2) the ability to listen to, trust and follow your own guidance.
Lets look at the first ingredient for a moment.  Being right with yourself can only happen if you are consistently making choices that make you feel good about yourself.  Achieving this demands a whole host of functional behaviors, from maintaining a positive, grateful, solution-focused, healing and growth mindedness, to following a commitment to speak your truth, to set healthy boundaries for yourself and practice honor for all Beings.  To feel right with yourself and to be positive about the choices you make will naturally bring out the experience of self-approval.  Of course it takes practice to drive the high road, but you will always know the “right” way when that is your focus and intention.
july image blog 13The second ingredient involves a subject that I cannot write enough about: listening to, trusting in and following your higher self-guidance.  If you really want to be generally happy are truly ready to fully embrace your life, this is the only way to be.   The “higher you” will never steer you wrong.  Only you know what you have come here to accomplish on Earth . Only you know what “soul contracts” are still outstanding and which experiences will teach you in the easiest and most gentle way.  The higher “You” has your best interest at heart, always and will never steer you wrong!
So being self-confident you see is actually easy … you just have to decide to be so.  You have to be “all in.”  Being self-confident strengthens your relationship with your “gut”, “instinct”, “intuition” or “guidance.”  As you are self-confident, you continually realize that the choices you make put you into a place of strength and confidence within yourself, and chances are they put in such a place with others as well.  As you are self-confidence, you could not imagine letting your head tell you “No” when your intuition says “Yes,” ever again.
To follow your higher self-guidance really is the ultimate level of self-trust.  It is the ultimate level of strengthening your self- approval, moral, self-possession, self-reliance and self- confidence.
Only you can make yourself happy.  Your choices mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually will shape your destiny.  Go ahead; allow a great, happy life to become your destiny!
With Love and Light,