The Creator You – in 2017!

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The creator You.
God can only do for you, what she can do through you.
We cannot deny the obvious energetic turbulences of 2016. 
Many feel traumatized by it’s events, personally and globally. 
So many people, including myself, have been feeling strange and unusual physical symptoms, such as an upset stomach for longer periods of time, digestive challenges, dizziness, headaches, heat flashes, feeling cold or experiencing flu like symptoms. 
This is because we are transforming. Our physical bodies are being adjusted, as the energies and vibrations keep increasing.  
In other words, we are ascending.
(Please watch the video above that shows the most recent energy influx, scientifically measured.)
As much as we hope and pray that 2017 will be a better year, there are no guarantees. 
In the end, we are undergoing a global shift, unlike anything we have ever seen on this beloved school plane and in this format.  
Bruce Lee said it perfectly, 
“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.”  
Chances are, 2017 will bring even more dysfunction to the surface because it is what has to happen in order for 
healing to occur.  
The purging of the old ways must be a conscious process.  
And we are the transition team! 
You, reading these words, 
you are on the transition team of this global consciousness shift, whether you like it or not! 
So rather than praying for things to get easier, why not pray for more strength, for more light, for more clarity and personal empowerment, so that you may be the team player that you have come here to be! 
It’s time to level up your inner strength, so that you will withstand the changes that are inevitably going to 
continue to happen!  
And “YES,” you deserve a happy life, you deserve health, abundance, joy and love – of course! But in order for your personal manifestations to materialize, it is your responsibility to level up my friend.This global shift is not only meant for the world, it is also meant for each individual.
And here is the positive news flash – 2017 is a #1 Year!  Hooray!
This means new beginnings, openings, forward motion, individuality, trust in yourself and in your vision, growth, personal power, strength and alignment.
Here is the clincher, the shift is happening and your biology is adjusting, so that you will operate from your light and creator self more fully.  
We, you, I, all of our conscious brothers and sisters together are meant to anchor in this shift.  Not god, not goddess, not the angels, guides or masters that are helping but US!
I often get asked, “Why doesn’t god take over and make this suffering stop?”
The answer is very simple, we have incarnated into these human bodies to make the suffering stop. We have incarnated at this time to work our light, to manifest as creators, to own our light power and step out of the old limitation energy into the new energy of flow and reverence for all life.
If you cannot accept yourself as creator incarnate, you are playing small and into the limitation of this earthly illusion.
Of course there is nothing we do, nothing, without higher orchestration.  And of course, this higher power is within us, it is within you. 
The masters, guides, angels and light Beings are holding our hands and are orchestrating for us but only so that we ourselves level up and get active in creating change.
As Gandhi put it, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Don’t wait for god to send a rescue team to Aleppo in Syria, for example.  It is “us” creators that are meant to give, support and create peace.  We are meant to be humane and demand humanitarian actions from our governments.  We, the creators are here to claim the power of action and join together in making this world a better place.  We cannot wait for our governments to do it – they won’t!
Much needs to change and much will continue to happen and that is a good thing! 
Do not perceive tragic events as only horrible and fear inducing but instead find it in your self to also see what still needs to change, objectively, and how to possibly do that and help make it better. 
It is your part to open yourself inward bound, into the light of your soul, into the divine spark of creator that is You. Do not feed your fears or doubts and do not let them shrivel up your faith in the light. Remember that the light is the strongest vibration and the essence of everything.  Also remember that this is really just a big old dream and hold onto your inner peace, trust and strength with devotion. 
Listen within, away from your thoughts, for the humming of your soul, feeling honored to be here at this time.  
Here to hold space for the purging of the old energies, to be replaced with peace, justice and reverence for all life. 
May the peace of the light fill into your heart and may it calm your mind.
May you stand strong in your light and may 2017 be your most authentically empowered year ever!
With blessings of love and light to you and yours,