The Next Step: Getting to know your higher Self!

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What is your “Higher Self”?  Your Higher Self is the aspect of you that is aware of the totality of your Being.   It exists outside of your physical reality, between your mind and your soul. Your Higher Self-You is the part of you that co-creates for you every experience, encounter, challenge, opportunity and/or karmic situation.  It is You!
The part of you unattached to Human wants, ego or conditioning.
It always has your best interest at heart.
Imagine yourself being in connection and understanding with your Higher Self!  What would that be like?
Well, you would bypass all Human struggle illusion and be in Oneness with Your Divine Will and guidance.  You would be in your purpose; you would feel happy and peaceful, manifesting everything you need easily and effortlessly and shine your light onto this earthly plane!
And guess what?  It’s not that difficult to accomplish!  It is rather the next easy step toward your personal consciousness evolution — flowing in harmony with your own personal Higher and Divine Will.  No more resistance, no more pain.  This path to your Higher Self involves training yourself to heed to your Higher Self guidance and communication. The voice of the Higher Self may be heard, felt and known by you through your awareness of your physical body as well as from the clearness of your mind.
Once you fully realize your body’s role in such awareness, you may want to choose to treat it with more reverence. You will want to consider diet, exercise habits or other lifestyle choices that may be affecting the quality of transmission from your Higher Self.  And, as your body stores old emotion trauma, conditioning and attachments, you will want to do what you can to cleanse and heal emotionally.
Your mind is your greatest tool to receive higher communication but only if it is clear enough to accommodate.  You will want to practice clarity of mind.  Yoga and meditation are commonly prescribed for this, but simple taking time for you outside of the duties of parent and/or provider will take you a good part of the way there.
Does this thought make you feel uncomfortable?  Do you feel like you would possibly lose yourself?  What if this Higher Self Divine You doesn’t have the same ideas, desires and wants that you have?
If yes, know this is ego at it’s finest!
The ultimate goal, the ultimate way for your existence and your soul’s evolution within a body is when you surrender to the Higher Will!
It is still your Will, just ego and illusion conditioning free!  The process may challenge you because the ego doesn’t want to loose its grip on you but it is inevitable!  Sooner or later, this lifetime or another you will choose to let go and be free!
Hopefully the intention to be free and happy will be yours soon 😉
The time is now and the time has never been more perfect.  See you in your light!
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